…you know you’re amazing at the work you do, but feel like you’re constantly losing out on sales because nobody knows about you (aka you don’t have a clear marketing plan)

…and you’ve trapped yourself in your own fear...stopping your own progress for fear of sounding fake, or being too pushy, or even what others will think of you.

Plus! When it comes to marketing, you’ve always felt like you’re “doing it wrong” because nobody seems to know who you are, & nobody’s buying your offers. So…you hop around guzzling free content on marketing, but nothing has ever felt quite right nor brought you the clients you need to finally take your business full time

Girl…you’re stuck in your head…

…and it’s getting in the way so much, that you jump around trying different strategies hoping something will stick…you go all-in one day, only to find yourself totally drained & overwhelmed the next day and unable to drum up the motivation to work


You want to effortlessly AND authentically market your business, so that you make genuine connections & book your soulmate clients…

+ find & eliminate the places where sales might be slipping through your fingers so that you can book out your practice (happy dance)!

I get it! Being sensitive means you just can’t even use icky sales techniques…So let’s sell your products & services in a non-icky way. I know you want to learn to trust your intuition for guidance so that you can build an easy, feel-good marketing plan that doesn’t go against your true nature. 


let’s make it happen!

You’re amazing at the work you do, but feel like you’re constantly losing out on sales because nobody knows about you (aka you don’t have a clear marketing plan)You’ve trapped yourself in your own fear...stoppi (6).jpg

..finally own up to (AND REMOVE) the ways that your own fear has held you back from REALLY putting yourself out there so that you can start taking brave action (usually mindset is the REAL thing holding you back, so let’s tackle that FIRST).

test1 (1).png
Hey!I'm Simone, word nerd, chai tea lover, & empath entrepreneur marketing expert..jpg

Before I knew I was an empath...

…I was constantly overwhelmed by other people’s energy, felt  weak, & totally lost. I’d leave my 9-5 with consistent panic attacks.


Anxiety. Depression. Lack of Direction.
Yet the whole time feeling like I was meant for more.

Something had to change…


So I started my blog, thinking my life would suddenly & magically change. In reality, I spent the 1st year making rookie empath mistakes like...


…following the marketing advice of “top gurus” blindly…

changing my niche every week to fit outside trends…

…backing out of doing the “big” stuff like live videos & sales calls because it just didn’t “feel right” when really it was FEAR that was stopping my progress… (#thetruthhurts)

…giving into the fear that “nobody cares” or worse “they’ll laugh at me”


After 1 year…

…I decided enough was enough & gave up the thought that I had to follow everybody else’s advice. I just wanted to tap into MY intuition and run my business MY way.

I dove DEEP into the intuitive world with the big question, “how do I use my intuition in my business?” what I found revolutionized the way I do business.

I tested & re-tested my marketing strategies to make sure my audience responded to them.

Once I finally embraced my intuition & got real about testing my strategies my business was completely changed. By the end of that month (my 1-year biz-iversary) I had…

  • Doubled my email subscribers (I have since doubled them again)

  • Booked my first 4 clients

  • & more importantly FINALLY made an income to write home about

Girl...I see you, you’ve got gifts...and you just need a little help on the practical side to finally make. It. happen.



a 4-month coaching package to help empaths…

  • find their unique message

  • share it with the world

  • & book soulmate clients!

Your 4-month plan to fully booked out with marketing that feels good:

  • 12 super-charged, laser-focused 60-minute calls

  • Work plans between calls to help you maximize your time with me 


Part 1. Review of your Business


An honest check-in to see what’s working & not working in your marketing strategy


Find out if your business is aligned with your true self, or your fear self so that you no longer let fear control your business decisions

Figure out the difference between “feels wrong” & “fear” so that you can tell when something isn’t aligned vs. isn’t right for you

Create your unique message for your business, ditch the influences of others (i.e. be the youest you, you can be) so that you can show up with your true gifts & live out your purpose

Review the way you currently market your business, check for holes in your client relationship journey (i.e. how do your clients find you) so that you eventually have a client waitlist

Prep your mindset for the coming 4 months so that you can overcome the big, sometimes scary obstacles in your business

Create goals that feel good, are super aligned, & are strategic for the stage of business you’re in so that you don’t waste time with strategies that aren’t right for your biz

1_1 Calls.png

 Part 2. Grow your Audience


Connect in honest, grassroots ways with your soulmate clients on this earth plane.


Find the marketing strategies that feel right & are aligned with your higher self so that you attract new followers & soulmate clients

Test those marketing strategies with your existing audience to find a happy balance between yourself and the collective so that you never feel burnt out with super masculine marketing techniques

Create your unique, detailed plan of how to market your business on a day-to-day basis to gather up your favorite people in one online super-party


Part 3. Nurturing your Audience


Show up authentically for your audience, but ALSO as the authority in your niche.

Learn how to nurture an audience so that they’re eager to buy from you.

Show up as the authority in your niche even if it feels scary at first so that people trust their lives, businesses, & money with you

Create a step-by-step plan to teach what’s most on your heart so that you convert your fans into your customers



Part 4. Selling….From oh shit to hell yeah!


Get comfortable with charging your worth & selling from the heart.

Learn heart-centered sales techniques so that “selling” will 100% natural

Learn the mindset behind 0 resistance to receiving money for your work so that you can start welcoming in massive income

Create your unique, half masculine half feminine, approach to sales to it feels right yet still allows you to afford the occasional trip to the massage table


 Part 5. Mindset shifts


Discover how your mindset is stopping your from booking clients.

Discover how your wounds can affect your ability to market your business.

Learn about the chakras and their relation to your online business.

A deep dive into the subconscious mind to uproot negative beliefs and rewrite your story.


You want an answer the big question on your mind right now, “how the heck do I book out my practice, when nobody knows who I am?!”

 Spots are limited! Apply now...


Sexy bonuses:


Delivered to your inbox:

Untitled design (2).png

Manifest Clients Training (valued at 47$)

(60-minute video training on the law of attraction)

Learn how to manifest & receive clients using the law of attraction.

Untitled design (3).png

The Printable Habit Journal (valued at 47$)

(a PDF journal to help you create good habits)

Change up your daily habits & schedule to build success into your day.

Untitled design (4).png

the money manifesting workshop (Valued at 97$)

(a 2 hour training on the subconcious mind and attracting money)

Learn the most important tips you need to know to attract money on a daily basis.

Learn how to accept payment for your work (even when it’s super scary)


 Delivered to your home:

  • 1 journal, hand-picked for you (sent to your home)

  • 2 essential oils, hand-picked for your journey (chosen intuitively)

  • 3 crystals, hand-picked for your journey (chosen intuitively)


no more hiding out for a week because that post you worked up the courage to share didn't get any likes…

…Instead get some hand-holding through the process of showing up online with organized, step-by-step systems so that you feel supported & excited about your business again!

Love from former clients!

I’ve signed three new clients in our time working together! I learned a lot from her about strategy but most importantly what I learned from her is about that magic that happens when I tap into my own intuition and I create offers that resonate deeply with me and with my unique skills.

Gabi Gogan

gabi gogan.png

I've had such MASSIVE shifts already - I feel like I've accomplished in 2 weeks what I have been trying to accomplish in over a year. If anyone is contemplating working with her, I'm telling you from the bottom of my heart that you will not regret it! It'll be an incredible investment in yourself.

Thank you so much Simone - you are AMAZING!



Don’t worry I will never ask you to...

  • Bully people into buying your product

  • PM people out of the blue (an empath’s worst nightmare)

  • Add people to something without their consent

  • Make your followers “afraid” that they “need” your product (scare tactics are not my game! More like empowering tactics <3)

  • Write the same copy & paste marketing that you see out there (anyone else zone out & scroll on?! haha)

This program is all about integrity & honest, heart-centered marketing that makes both you and your customers feel good about stepping into a paid relationship that will serve your higher good & your bank account (cause yoga classes & almond-milk lattes ain’t free)


Raise your hand if you’ve been working for free because you don't feel like you're "good enough" yet to charge people.


you gotta make this business work...

it’s do or die time...

& you want the freedom & independence that your biz could bring you!


let me support you as you step into your power, cause you got a lot babe!

Here’s who this is made for:


  • You’re motivated to make this online business work but you constantly feel lost.

  • You’re ready to make a serious & intuitively aligned plan of action for your business.

  • You’re a boss at the intuitive stuff, but the marketing makes you want to hide on your sofa watching netflix.

  • You’re having a hard time finding the right marketing techniques to fund your crystal & oil obsession.

  • You want to be able to call in “sensitive” & take a day off when things are just getting to be too much.

  • You’re motivated but seriously starting to doubt if you’ll ever be able to quit your 9-5.


No more second-guessing everything you post or share because of what "people might think of you."


Learn to stop letting outside voices & fear control your business decisions & access the ancient wisdom you hold inside you right now!



  • Define your big-picture business goals & define a marketing plan to get you there so that you never have to second-guess your plan

  • Create your unique marketing plan that both feels right & converts so that you can prove to yourself that senstives CAN run successful businesses

  • You’ll learn how to test and retest your favorite marketing strategies so you’re never in the dark on what to do next

  • You’ll learn thousands of  new marketing techniques, choose the ones that are right for you and learn how to say “NO” to the ones that don’t serve you

  • Learn how to nurture your followers so that they are dying to buy from you

  • Discover the sales techniques that feel natural for you & that ACTUALLY work so that you can book out with ease


Are you stuck in your head daydreaming all day, but never getting real results?

Let’s get you results, clients, income, & allow it all to come from a feel-good place.



4000$ USD

I always offer discounts on the phone! Big discounts! But the only way to get the discount, is to hop on and chat with me :D.



I really wanna do this, but my budget is tight, can I pay in installments?

I feel ya! Totally been there...and yes! I want everyone to succeed, so that’s why I’ve developed this payment plan so you can start making a return on this investment.

I’m worried this won’t work for me, if I purchase the program can I get a refund later?

I know this investment can be scary which is why we go through a process of making sure you and I are a good fit and if you’re a good fit for the program. For that reason, I don’t offer refunds on my programs.

I’m loving the sound of this, but how do I know if me and my business will benefit from this?

Book a free session! Free, no-strings call for us to get to know each other, review your business and it’s goals, and decide if we’re a match made in soulmate heaven.

Would this work for me if I’m not really intuitive? Here’s the thing, most of us are intuitive. But you gotta be comfortable with the kind of woo-woo work I do. Schedule a call to see if we gel.

Can you help me with mindset too? Yes, we do some minimal mindset work in this program, though it’s mostly about strategy, cause I want you to make some real progress on the strategy side & no longer let your mindset hold you back from getting results.