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By the way. If you're looking to read more about meditation, "Be Free Where You Are" really helped me:


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  • How to live my emotions.


  • How to not let me emotions control me.


  • The BEST meditation for "weathering the storm" of emotions.


  • How to live courageously.


  • How to release anger.
Be Free Where You Are
By Thich Nhat Hanh

I hope this book serves you as it served me!


Emotions are a very strong pull.

They can make you feel that life is hopeless.

Or that you can do anything.

But emotions are only just fleeting visitors. You are not made of your emotions. You experience them, and then they are gone.

One of my biggest emotions was fear. Fear that things would go wrong. Fear that things would hurt me. And most of all fear of loss.

This was an emotion that I learned really quickly to feel. And then I was reminded time and time again that the world is a scary place.

So as an adult. It became my lot in life to learn to release that fear.

And that it when I came across the book “Be Free Where You Are.”

This book is a short, small book that can be read in a matter of a few hours. But it holds some vital information about how to deal with big emotions.

Every day is a new challenge when it comes to your emotions. Every day you will feel new things (or the same things over and over again J) and it will be your job and your job alone to ride through the storms of those feelings and become at one with your being.

Everything is going to be alright.

All you need to do is relax, stay present, and work through your difficult emotions.

This book has the best meditation for working through difficult emotions that I’ve ever seen. And for that reason I totally recommend it!



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