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Finding your true authenticity is not difficult.

Remember that we talked about the soul? The soul is this energy, your life energy, that lives within you. I like to think of it as living in your chest.

It is the energy that connects us to something higher than what we are.

It is also the energy that is always calm. An energy that we can access at any moment.

Honestly, it took me a while to discover this energy within me. I always thought that I was too damaged to be the kind of person that has calm energy.

But with practice I was able to access that energy. And in that moment an image came to …an image of a lake next to the house where I grew up.

I would go to that lake in times of sadness during my childhood. And often I would take my dog there on walks.

This lake was my body’s way of understanding that which is the soul. And so it is the image I use in my mind to bring my body’s attention to my soul.

We are not only our souls! We are also our bodies. We have feelings, senses, and physical traits. In short, we have personalities.

Our personalities are the pencil if you will, by which our soul can write on the page of the earth.

Allowing our souls and personalities to work together is a great way to access our authenticity. See nobody else has the same body and soul that you have.

So use your uniqueness for good in this world.

And don’t ever be ashamed of what it brings you!


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