Habit Journal - Change Your Life

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Habit Journal - Change Your Life


"Good habits are the key to success. Bad habits are the unlocked door to failure" -Og Mandino

Introducing the...


Our daily habits = our lives.

Are you living your life with intention?


Learn how to with the 22-page habit journal!

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10 Workbook pages - To help you make a plan for change:

  1. 3 different kinds of habit trackers:
    1. Weekly
    2. Monthly
    3. New Habits
  2. Mindfulness Tracker
  3. Replacement Tracker
  4. Trigger Tracker
  5. Slip-Up (mistakes) journal
  6. Plan ahead journal
  7. New Habit Plan
  8. Find a New Habit Plan

Step-by-Step Instructions on how to:

  1. get rid of bad habits
  2. replace them with good habits
  3. & how to introduce new, good habits into your life