1000 Marketing Strategies

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1,000 strategies to.png

1000 Marketing Strategies

I'm ready!

When it comes to…

…marketing your business online you constantly feel like you’re “doing it wrong”…

…You jump around, downloading freebies & trying different marketing strategies...just hoping something will stick…

…You know you’re an amazing healer, intuitive, or coach but you constantly feel like you’re losing out on sales because you just don’t know how to market your stuff…

…Second-guessing & a lack of direction mean that your marketing plan is a lack-luster pipe dream at best…

All you really want...

…is a simple, intuition-guided marketing plan that actually brings in sales!

…Or to get paying clients in a way that feels natural & doesn’t waste your time.

…Or to leave that overwhelming, soul-sucking 9-5 behind you so that you can finally take mental health days, trips to the spa, or your kids to the park!

…Or an answer to that big question on all our minds, “how should I be marketing my business??”

…Or the steps to figure out which marketing strategies your audience will actually respond to! Cause—— crickets!!



1000 Marketing Strategies

…is the self-study version of my 3k coaching services.

It will help you to build an intuitive-driven marketing plan that brings you mad income so that you can quit your job or just get a damn massage!

what you get:


  • 1000 marketing strategies on how to find, nurture, & sell to your people

  • The intuitive’s guide to honing in on what feels good for your marketing plan

  • The guide to creating your unique marketing plan

  • How to tell when marketing “feel wrong” vs. when it’s just “scary”

  • + How to test your marketing strategies on your audience so that you find a happy middle-ground with your people


That will walk you through the steps:

  • 1, is to really hone in on which of the social media platforms you want to focus on for building your following. There are other ways of building your following, but mostly I've focused mostly on free/organic reach on social media platforms.

  • 2, is all about going through the 1000 strategies with a feels good/ feels bad list. And then further dissecting "feels bad" from "I'm afraid."

  • 3, is making a plan to test these strategies on your audience.

  • 4, is all about creating a sustainable strategy plan for your business.

  • 5, is talking about launching and the 1000 strategies.