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Our Schedule:

  • April 28th - Belkis Clarke - Rising From Abuse and Attempted Suicide to Success
  • April 29th - Erin Newman - Be Your Own Shaman: A Shamanic Approach to Claiming Your Value
  • April 30th - Jude Baderle - Embracing All Parts of Yourself So You Can Move Forward Towards Health & Wellbeing
  • May 1st - Orit Krug - Dance to Let Go, Experience Pleasure and Develop a Deep Sense of Trust With Yourself
  • May 2nd - Robin Scott - from Diary of an Empath - Calling in the Masculine
  • May 3rd - Rebecca Tinkle - What Does it Really Take to Make Your Dream into Your Reality?
  • May 4th - Nicole Tricarico - Birth Story Medicine and Why We Need It
  • May 5th - Theresa Soltzberg - Empower Your Purpose from the Inside Out