Cart closes in…

Dad said, “we can’t afford that,”


Mom said, “money doesn’t grow on trees,”


And the holes in your shoes said, “you don’t deserve to be rich,”


Fast forward 20 years, and your bank account says, “0.00$,” or, "-43$..."


Or maybe it said, "20,000 $," just 2 short months ago, and today it says, "15$," 


And you say to yourself, "how could I have done this? I’m so angry at myself. I’m ashamed, terrified,"



...terrified that your money situation will never change...


...that you’ll be stuck where you are forever, in a soul-sucking 9-5.

...or drowning in bills to pay.

...wondering how those Instagram babes are so good at getting money, when you can barely seem to stay afloat.


all you really want from life is to pay off your debt…


...or contribute money to your household

...or take a vacation with your loved ones to the south of France

...or have a functioning business that ACUTALLY pays you a salary

...or surprise your family with lavish gifts during the holidays

...or who knows...down the road, even that Audi you’ve had your eyes on...or the Victorian-style home with the big windows on your vision board


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Basically you just want to do whatever the f*ck you want with your life because deep in your heart you KNOW it’s possible.




You know that your livelihood can depend on YOU and your ability to manifest some delicious dinero!


This can happen for you. It’s happened for so many before you, and there’s nothing about your past, or your current situation that makes it impossible for you to create your dream financial situation.


You just need mindset work.


Don’t leave just yet! I promise you “mindset” is so much more than a Pinterest fact, there’s a reason that everybody’s talking about it.

Mindset is the ONLY thing….I repeat the ONLY thing in the way of you and your next 10,000$ or 20,000$.

If you are ready to make this happen for yourself...and you’re ready to invest the price of a dinner out on the town to change your life...then you can find out more below.


How to Manifest Money

A step-by-step process to start attracting money daily.

Create big shifts in your financial world with this beginner’s guide to how the law of attraction can bring you little seeds of money every single day.

what is this product?



-a pre-recorded workshop (will go live September 8th)


-a workbook to walk you through the workshop


-full e-mail support for your questions for the month of September


-a pre-recorded “I AM” manifestation for wealth


-a money meditation


-lifetime access to all digital products (note email service not included)



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Your investment???


19.00 USD


Yep! That’s it <3


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Hope to see you in there…


But more than that….


I hope to see you rich, thriving, and earning that income you’d only ever dreamed about.