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habit journal

Our daily habits = our lives.

Are you living the life of your dreams?


Learn how to with the 28-page habit journal!

good habits bad habits habit tracker

What's included?

28 Workbook pages - To help you make a plan for change:

  1. 3 different kinds of habit trackers:

    1. Weekly

    2. Monthly

    3. New Habits

  2. Mindfulness, Replacement, & Trigger Tracker

  3. Slip-Up (mistakes) journal

  4. The Subconscious Mind Full Workbook


  1. From good habit so that you can finally reach those goals.

  2. 6 Different Kinds of trackers so that you know what to do when you slip up, & you stay super organized as you change your life.

  3. The step-by-step plan to uncover your subconscious beliefs so that your mind no longer sabotages your attempts to change your life!


habit journal good habits bad habits habit tracker
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Learn to love your life, live your purpose...all by making small, daily shifts.

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