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By the way. If you're looking to read more about meditation, "The Power of Now" really helped me:


I learned:


  • How to clear my mind.


  • How to let every situation be what it is, and not what I want it to be.


  • How to live every moment mindfully!

I hope this book serves you as it served me!


Learning mindfulness is the most important thing we can do for ourselves. It helps us face the difficult parts of life with a sense of curiousity instead of raging emotions. It helps us feel as though we can face things in the world that are more difficult than we possibly imagined. Mindfulness has changed my life, and is the main reason I was able to become free of my depression. I learned that every moment is a challenge, a challenge we all have to face. To be present and curious, or to fight life the whole way through.

I decided I didn’t want to fight life. It was too hard, and tiring. I decided that I wanted to live in the present moment without judgement. Allowing life to show me what it had in store for me!

Curiosity is the best way to focus on, and move forward in your life.

The Power of Now, offers you practical tips and exercises to begin to live mindfully in the world.

It talks about the importance of controlling the thoughts that we have. By simply bringing our attention to the present moment.

Instead of letting the mind wander too much.

Because the mind is powerful! And it can start on a road that takes you to terrible places. But you don’t have to follow.

By reminding yourself that you are separate from, and not equal to your thoughts. You can free yourself from the eternal battle inside your mind.


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