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Bridesmaid Dress Guidelines:

I decided to let everyone pick out their own bridesmaid dress. But there are some rules.


1. Stick to the Colors:

The colors and inspiration photos are below. As we want to make sure there is a correct variety of colors please send me a picture of a potential dress before you buy it.

The colors are:

Silver, Rose Gold, Taupe, Tan, Blush Pink, & and metallic color that matches these tones!

blush pink FFE4E1
rose gold color code BA7f79

The groomsmen and best man will be wearing silver vests.


2. Recommended Fabrics:

Unrecommended fabrics:





Anything too heavy 

Recommended fabrics:







3. Style Rules:

The only rule about the style of the dress is that it must be floor-length. This is a formal event, taking place in the evening/ at night...so floor length dresses are a must.


Now come the suggestions:

It will probably be 100 degrees so I recommend you get something with thin straps, or strapless.

Bring a shrug or pashmina for the night...as Spanish events will run until 4a.m.

Shoes with wider heels will be easier to walk in the grass with, but we will also have heel covers.


4. Buying Your Plane Ticket & Accommodation


I will write more about this in the future, closer to the date but I'll get the ball rolling early here.

1. I recommend you start saving now for your plane ticket. They can run anywhere from 600 round trip to 1200 round trip, and in general the earlier you buy the ticket the cheaper it is. 

Most people recommend buying plane tickets 2-3 months beforehand. Which means in April or May plan to buy your tickets. 

Finally, the bachelorette party will most likely take place on the Thursday before the wedding, which is July 5th, 2018.

However it is possible, if there are travel difficulties due to the 4th of July weekend, we might have it the 6th of July.




We will be offering up our house, and some friends and family in the area have offered rooms for our out of town guests. The housing options will go to family and bridal party members first, and then to everyone else, but keep in mind that it won't be very comfortable housing :).

In my house for example we might be two to a room or more! But it will be free!!!

If you have extra room in your budget to pay for accommodation when you get here I recommend you do so. 

If not we'll figure out a place for you to stay!

If you end up staying with Rodrigo and I, there will be plenty of food for you to eat in the house. If you end up staying with other people I would suggest you buy your own groceries to cook with.

Food is significantly cheaper here than in the United States.

For one week you could spend less than 20 euros per person. Not including eating out. 



Right! Well I think that's everything for now. If you have any questions write them in the box below, and I can post the answers on this website! Thanks for being part of this special day for Rodrigo and I :).