What I Actually Used in my Hospital Bag

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a guest post by Lauren Ashleigh


Giving birth is a scary thing

You frantically read articles upon articles to educate yourself on what to expect. When the time comes to meet your little one, you are somehow over-prepared while at the same time completely unprepared. 

One of the areas you might be over-prepared in is your hospital bag. There are many items you will probably pack that you actually don’t need. 

I was one of those overpacking new moms. I didn’t use half of what I packed for myself or my baby.

So, I am here to provide yet another educational article, but this one won’t be packed with fluff and things you won’t use.

Here are the items I actually used in my hospital bag, along with items I did not need to bring.


What mom does need

  1. Perineal spray - the Earth Mama perineal spray was seriously a life saver! 

  2. Robe - the hospital gowns are not comfortable at all. Amazon has some good, lightweight and soft robes perfect for after birth. I would recommend a darker color.

  3. Chapstick - the hospital air is very dry and your li[s will definitely become chapped if you don’t keep them moisturized

  4. Small makeup bag - i brought a few makeup items for newborn pictures at the hospital and so I could feel like a real person again!

  5. Face wipes - you won’t be taking a shower right after birth, but once the dust settles, it was nice to do a quick little wipe down after all the pushing and sweating from delivery.

  6. Shampoo + conditioner - the hospital normally only gives shampoo (which isn’t the best), so I would recommend bringing small travel sized bottles

  7. 2 pairs of comfy clothes - you’ll want to arrive in comfy clothes and also leave in comfy clothes! I recommend loose fitting pants or shorts and a comfortable nursing shirt

  8. Flip-flops/slippers - you don’t want to be walking around the germ filled hospital floors without easy shoes to slip on and off!

  9. Toothbrush + toothpaste

  10. Small fan - it was very helpful for me to have a little fan, especially during labor and birth. It helped calm and cool me down during the high stress and moments of pain!


what mom doesn’t need

Everything that I list below are items the hospital will provide you:

  • Ibuprofen - they provide any and all pain medication you might need, so don’t worry about this one!

  • Mesh underwear - you’ll definitely want to purchase these for at home (my favorite are these disposable underwear by Always) but the hospital has really good ones they will provide for bleeding. You might want to even ask to take home a few because they’re that good!

  • Pads

  • Breast pump - the hospital has hospital-grade breast pumps to use if needed

  • Lanolin/nipple cream - they provide you a special lanolin cream for your nipples that also has antibiotic in it

  • Tucks pads


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what baby does need

  1. Two swaddles - we really loved the Love to Dream swaddles

  2. Two onesies

  3. Two sleepers

  4. A couple different pacifiers - the hospital does have pacifiers but I would bring a couple different varieties in case your baby prefers one over the other

  5. Burp rags - we love these muslin burp cloths

  6. Cute outfit for pictures

  7. Mittens - to prevent baby from scratching. These mittens by goumi don’t slip off.


what baby doesn’t need

Everything listed below are items the hospital with provide for your baby:

  • Diapers 

  • Formula

  • Bottles

  • Baby shampoo

Preparing for labor and delivery can be stressful, but hopefully this list brings you some peace of mind. And remember, if you forget something it isn’t the end of the world. The hospital will provide everything you truly need!


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hosptial bag birth what to pack for a birth labor and delivery hospital baby born birthing what to bring to the hospital for labor and delivery
hosptial bag birth what to pack for a birth labor and delivery hospital baby born birthing what to bring to the hospital for labor and delivery