TTC Tips & Tricks: What Worked for Us to Get Pregnant

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Miscarriage wasn’t really on my radar before i had one.

It wasn’t really something ANYONE talked about.

So when I had a miscarriage (our honeymoon baby) I was taken pretty much completely by surprise.

When I started opening up to the women in my family, and in my life about it…I was shocked that many of them had gone through miscarriages too!

WTH?? Nobody talked about this…and even though mine was a VERY eary miscarriage (also called a chemical pregnancy) those two little lines still had time to fill me with hope.

Hope for a new life, a new family, and my honeymoon baby.

All that came crashing down though and I was in the ER bleeding profusely with a distinctly uncaring nurse who said, “this happens to everyone, some women don’t even realize it happens,”

Cool. Thanks.

Well I realized…and when I found out I had lost the baby I went on kind of a tailspin of purchasing TTC products from all corners of the internet!

Seriously no product was too silly, expensive, or unnecessary for my post-miscarriage self suffering from a deep sense of loss and grief.

The silver lining however, is that now I can help you uncover the products & mindset that ACTUALLY worked, and what ended up being a waste of our money.


0:58 Our TTC Story

3:30 What DIDN’T Work

6:01 What DID Work


our ttc story

I am currently 31 weeks pregnant as I write this, so you’ll know that after our chemical pregnancy we successfully conceived.

In total, the entire thing only took us 6 months. Which in hindsight seems short, but at the time it seemed devastatingly long, tedious, anxiety-provoking, and just plain NOT fun.

From the time that we began “Not Trying, Not Preventing” (just another fun acronym from the TTC world) it took us about 3 months to conceive.

The day I can pinpoint as the day we conceived was about 1-2 days before our wedding in July of 2018.

Here we are on our wedding day…I probably had some sperm meeting eggs in my uterus as I pose here with my hubby trying to look beautiful, in-love, and get the right angle for the cameras haha.

how to get pregnant how to conceive naturally how to get pregnant naturally how to get pregnant naturally fast how to conceive a baby ttc our ttc journey

When we were on our honeymoon I got sick!

I didn’t really think it was baby-related…but I had tummy problems…I thought it was just being in a tropical zone.

But all the people at the resort kept saying, “oh you’re sick? you must be pregnant?” and joking that we should name our baby after Punta Cana….haha

I was pregnant…but it didn’t show up on the test until after we got back from our honeymoon.

I was then able to enjoy a few days of pregnancy before some pretty heavy bleeding started.

And I knew it was over.

It was too much bleeding to be normal.

A trip to the ER, and they checked my levels and they were way down.

I pretty much flew head-first into devastation.

And then spent way too much of our money on TTC products, which I’ll review below…

But all to say that we kept trying immediately (doctor gave us the green light) and three months later we were pregnant again.

So in total it was about 6-7 months of trying, one miscarriage, and now 31 weeks later we’re gearing up to welcome our son into the world.


what didn’t work

the ttc products that were a waste of money for us

Of course I’m going to preface this by saying that these products didn’t work for US. I originally tried them because a lot of people had success in the online forums.

But you can be the judge of what might work for you.


Pre-seed is a fertility-friendly lubricant that you insert before sex, and it’s supposed to help the sperm meet the egg!

It didn’t work for us:

  1. It was too extra….and not in a good way. The recommended amount is WAY TOO MUCH and it is a very watery product so for us it just didn’t work.

  2. Despite that problem we tried it for two months (after having greatly reduced the amount we used) and it didn’t help us conceive.

In the end it was pretty much a waste of money. It wasn’t an expensive product but I won’t buy it again in the future.

If you’re interested in seeing what this product is about you can find it here.

Like I said above, this product worked for a lot of people, according the online forums so it might be worth a try for you as well if you’re trying to conceive.


the stork

Honestly, I’m a bit embarassed that I purchased this…but hey you do crazy things when reeling from a loss.

It’s a little device that your man inserts his swimmers into, and then you insert it into you!

This device would be great if you’re trying to conceive without actually having intercourse, so it may be a good purchase for couples suffering from erectile dysfunction, same-sex couples looking to inseminate without intercourse, and/or if you’ve been trying for a long time and nothing is happening.

We didn’t fall into any of those categories, but I read that it greatly increases your chances so I wanted to give it a try.

It didn’t work for us…basically because we didn’t get pregnant.

And at a whopping 58$ per try it’s not exactly the best option if you’re just starting out on your TTC journey and don’t have a real need for it.

You can however, find it here, if it would be helpful for your individual situation.



I know, I know, I got pretty damn tired of hearing the “just relax” adage that’s thrown about when you’re trying to conceive.

So I won’t say that….exactly.

But I will say this.

Obssessing is just going to make you feel a little bit crazy, probably hurt your wallet, and make the deed of creation a bit of a chore.

If you can give up some of the “control” of the situation over to the universe, God, Buddha, or you know lady luck, you’ll enjoy the process a lot more.

The month that we finally did conceive, was the month that I ditched my ovulation chart and we just rolled with the punches so to speak.

I also remember saying to my husband that month, “well you know all this stress is too much, so maybe if it doesn’t work this month, let’s just take a break,”

And we didn’t have to!



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what did work

these things worked well for us to get pregnant

coconut oil

After our mishaps with the pre-seed, I read online somewhere that you could also use organic, coconut oil as a lubricant and that it would help with conception (ours is in Spanish cause we live in Spain haha).

I’m not really sure of the science behind it, or if this was actually the cause of our success but I can say this:

The month we conceived we had switched to coconut oil.

You can grab some organic coconut oil for pretty cheap here.

how to get pregnant how to conceive naturally how to get pregnant naturally how to get pregnant naturally fast how to conceive a baby ttc our ttc journey

ava bracelet

This is the highest-ticket item here on our list today…but I truly love this little bracelet.

When I first started TTC we used the Glow App to track my fertile days.

And I also tried very hard to take my BBT (basal body temperatures), as well as pee on those ovulation sticks.

Honestly, it was a nightmare.

The BBT can vary a lot if you get up during the night to pee, or if you breathe with your mouth open at night, or if you accidentally touch the left side of your face to your pillow.

Ok that last one is a joke, but there are a lot of variables that mess with the readings and I was a bit over it by the second month, so we ordered the Ava Bracelet, and honestly it was 100% worth the purchase.

We had the Ava bracelet for about half of the second month of trying, but the first full month of data from the bracelet was the month we conceived.

AND it can also track your pregnancy, measuring things like stress levels, O2 levels, and other stuff that might signal something is wrong with the pregnancy.

I would 100% purchase this again, despite the hefty pricetag.

You can find the Ava Bracelet here.


maca powder

This is a powder that you can put in your juice, smoothies, or soups and it’s supposed to boost your fertility!

I can’t pinpoint EXACTLY what helped us get pregnant, but the month that we started using this is the month that we got pregnant!

So it might be worth it to pick up a packet.


Download the freebie:


Tell us in the comments sections below…how long did it take you to conceive? or how long have you been trying to conceive?

how to get pregnant how to conceive naturally how to get pregnant naturally how to get pregnant naturally fast how to conceive a baby ttc our ttc journey
how to get pregnant how to conceive naturally how to get pregnant naturally how to get pregnant naturally fast how to conceive a baby ttc our ttc journey