TTC Tips & Tricks: What Worked for Us to Get Pregnant

TTC Tips & Tricks: What Worked for Us to Get Pregnant

Miscarriage wasn’t really on my radar before i had one.

It wasn’t really something ANYONE talked about.

So when I had a miscarriage (our honeymoon baby) I was taken pretty much completely by surprise.

When I started opening up to the women in my family, and in my life about it…I was shocked that many of them had gone through miscarriages too!

WTH?? Nobody talked about this…and even though mine was a VERY eary miscarriage (also called a chemical pregnancy) those two little lines still had time to fill me with hope.

Hope for a new life, a new family, and my honeymoon baby.

All that came crashing down though and I was in the ER bleeding profusely with a distinctly uncaring nurse who said, “this happens to everyone, some women don’t even realize it happens,”

Cool. Thanks.

Well I realized…and when I found out I had lost the baby I went on kind of a tailspin of purchasing TTC products from all corners of the internet!

Seriously no product was too silly, expensive, or unnecessary for my post-miscarriage self suffering from a deep sense of loss and grief.

The silver lining however, is that now I can help you uncover the products & mindset that ACTUALLY worked, and what ended up being a waste of our money.