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The Ultimate Guide: How to Create Good Habits and Stop Bad Habits

The Ultimate Guide: How to Create Good Habits and Stop Bad Habits

It was 7 o’clock, I just got home from work.

I found myself shoveling slice after slice into my mouth.

I was upset…see?

Stressed out from work….and as a result stress eating.

I mean pizza has this wonderful way of making me feel good about the world again…plus it’s yummy.

What’s the harm in bingeing every once in a while? I told myself.

There’s NO harm! I thought. As long as I’m mostly healthy!

But the truth is, our habits, good or bad, create our life.

So unhealthy or destructive habits make for an unhealthy or destructive life.

Pizza every day = high cholesterol, and heart complications.

And the truth is…I wasn’t really that healthy…I just sort of believed I was…without any real proof.

I mean I did eat the occasional salad.

Don’t let yourself get caught in this vicious cycle…of making bad choices, justifying them, forgetting about them, and then making bad choices again.

Your life can be exactly what you want it to be. You can be a musician, a painter, a doctor, or a marathon-runner.

To be those things you gotta leave that bad habits behind…they’ll only bring you down. You have to make choices on a daily basis that are good for you and that point you in the direction of what you want.

And I’m gonna show you how!



Table of Contents:

Why Bad Habits Are Bad

Why Bad Habits Are Hard to Break

How to Break Bad Habits & Replace Them With Good Habits