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8 Essentials Every New Mom Needs to Survive

8 Essentials Every New Mom Needs to Survive


Your new beautiful bundle of blessing is here! It’s been a wonderful stay at the hospital where you had the staff on constant call for your needs. I always had my husband or another family member there too. It’s time to go home? Do I really have to take this baby home to take care of him by myself? I remember it like yesterday….excited, nervous, and scared all at the same time. My husband drove like a grandpa all the way home as if he had a dozen eggs on the roof that he didn’t want to break. Our son was so little and fragile and we didn’t want to break him. Little did we know that he would soon become our child that didn’t sleep through the night till he was almost one and a half!!

30-Day Self-Care Challenge

30-Day Self-Care Challenge

Welcome to the 30 self-care challenge!


If you’re like me...self-care doesn’t come easily.


Helping & taking care of others does come easily.


But we reach a point where we no longer have anything to give.


We feel burnt out, overwhelmed, and like we just need to sit in a dark room alone.


Self-care isn’t exactly easy. At least at first. Which is why I developed this 30-day self-care challenge.


To help people like me, get on track with their self-care.


Because the more you have, the more you can give!


Here is your official list for the 30-day challenge.