10 Things Nobody Told me About Pregnancy

10 Things Nobody Told me About Pregnancy

i’m not really sure why these are big secrets…

I mean you’d think people would be sharing about this more often!

But sometimes I think as humans, and especially as women, we like to suffer in silence!

Maybe sometimes it’s a fear that others aren’t going through what we’re going through…or maybe that they’ll judge us for our experiences…so I' decided to sit down and film/write this out for you mommas to be.

I wish someone had talked about these big changes so I could have expected them, and so now I’m taking you under my wing young grasshopper…or something like that anyway and sharing 10 things nobody told me about pregnancy.

Stuff I learned about the hard way :D.

15 Moms Dish: Their #1 Prepare for Baby Tip

15 Moms Dish: Their #1 Prepare for Baby Tip

preparing for your baby is possibly the scariest most rewarding thing on the planet.

I mean what’s the little thing gonna be like?

What toys will they like? What colors? Are all the cute cowboy and cowgirl outfits gonna stay hidden in the closet after one disastrous outing to the zoo?

Times this by a million if you’re a first time mom…like little old me…*nervous laughter….

SO! I did what any newbie would do, and turned to the experienced moms for their best advice!

Below you’ll find some kick-a** tips from moms who have been there, done that when it comes to prepping for baby.

They talk about topics like:

  • Organization

  • Finances

  • Food Prep

  • Breastfeeding

  • Bottle Feeding

  • Second Child Tips

  • Baby Gear

  • & Mental, Emotional, & Spiritual Tips for your new little one!

So read on you sexy pregnant thing you!

11 Ways to Prepare for Baby With Your Partner or Husband

11 Ways to Prepare for Baby With Your Partner or Husband

there’s a lot to talk about before baby comes!

And a lot to do!

Below is a list of 10 things you can do with your partner, significant other, husband, baby daddy, or idk maybe your neighbor to prepare for a little baby!

Some of ‘em are fun stuff to enjoy your last few, poop-screaming-milk-and-sleepless-nights-free moments, and some are more serious…like important talking points and more.

Ok! Stop talking Simone and let’s get into it…

20 Experienced Moms Share Their #1 Labor & Delivery Tip

20 Experienced Moms Share Their #1 Labor & Delivery Tip

I am currently pregnant with my first

And like any other type A, first-time moms out there I decided to do some research about labor and delivery.

Only to quickly realize that I don’t know what the hell I’m in for!

So apart from reading articles, upon articles with generic information, I wanted to get a first-hand account of labor from the badass mommas who have been there, done that.

20 amazing ladies offered to share their #1 tip, and it’s coming straight from the horse’s mouth (or a more flattering animal…like the butterfly’s mouth! yeah butterflies!!) and a lot of these lovely contributors are professionals as well as mothers!

Enjoy and don’t forget, in the comments below, to tell us what your #1 tip about labor and delivery is :) Cause this momma needs all the help she can get.

First Trimester Tips & Tricks: How to Survive Nausea and Morning Sickness

First Trimester Tips & Tricks: How to Survive Nausea and Morning Sickness

In the movies, pregnant women get sick maybe once…

And it’s usually cute and/or funny…and then in the next scene she’s 4 months pregnant battling some other cute pregnancy symptom.


Don’t f*cking believe it, its a lie!

Hahah ok yes I know that some women do make it through their pregnancies without ever facing that morning sickness demon, but for those of us unlucky enough to find our heads in the toilet several times a day…here are some tips, tricks, & hacks for morning sickness, nausea, vomiting, and generally feeling like crap!

7 Moms Share Their Stories: Anxiety, Depression, & Mental Health in Pregnancy

7 Moms Share Their Stories: Anxiety, Depression, & Mental Health in Pregnancy

One of the most surprisingly difficult parts of pregnancy has been my mental state.

Seriously…I did not expect this!

Before I got pregnant I just assumed that it would be this magical time in my life. Little did I know, that your mind actually goes through almost as many changes as your body during pregnancy.

So for those who have experience mental health issues before (or even those who haven’t) new issues might crop up!

What helped me the most? Hearing that other women go through it too. Because then a little click happened in my brain and I was able to see these problems not as problems with myself, but as just another strange, and or even debilitating pregnancy symptom.

How to Heal Your Energy Using the Four Elements

How to Heal Your Energy Using the Four Elements

In our day and age, we are connected almost constantly to technology.

Either the smart phones, the radio in our car, the television in our living room, the computer at work.

And then it’s a wonder that we feel disconnected to each other.

That we feel alone.


Disconnected from ancient wisdom, from our own bodies, from nature, even from each other.

As energy shifts around on this planet…we are regressing to a former knowledge.

The knowledge of the divine.

For many of us are stepping back into the knowledge that humanity held so long ago.

And we’re bridging the gap so to speak.

Allowing space for computers, and for vegans.

For meditation & yoga, and hospitals.

We have paved roads, and we can now make a living by writing blog posts.

This time in humanity’s evolution allows more and more for us to return to the ancient knowledge that we used to have. To make more room for, and care more for nature. Because we are moving out of the masculine and into the feminine.

Which means reconnecting to our natural roots, and stepping out of the isolation and overwhelm we may have tended towards in the past.

If you’ve been feeling this transition, and you have the DEEP desire to reconnect to mother nature, clear and balance your energy, and you want a fun way to do it, I’ve created this post just for you!!

Balancing and Clearing Your Energy Using the Four Elements…

How to Cure Acne Naturally, Fast, and Cheap

How to Cure Acne Naturally, Fast, and Cheap

Acne is embarassing.

Walking around with red bumps, scars, or scabs on your face is scary.


You’re always looking away so people don’t see your acne.


You’re always worried about covering the acne up with makeup.


Maybe you never allow yourself to leave the house without makeup.


It can be really sad, and you can lose your confidence.


But the truth is, you have control over your acne.


So if you want to clear up your acne…and you want to do it naturally without the terribly damaging acne medications.