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What I Actually Used in my Hospital Bag

What I Actually Used in my Hospital Bag

Giving birth is a scary thing

You frantically read articles upon articles to educate yourself on what to expect. When the time comes to meet your little one, you are somehow over-prepared while at the same time completely unprepared. 

One of the areas you might be over-prepared in is your hospital bag. There are many items you will probably pack that you actually don’t need. 

I was one of those overpacking new moms. I didn’t use half of what I packed for myself or my baby.

So, I am here to provide yet another educational article, but this one won’t be packed with fluff and things you won’t use.

Here are the items I actually used in my hospital bag, along with items I did not need to bring.

The Complete Checklist: How to Prepare Everything for the Hospital, Labor, & Delivery

The Complete Checklist: How to Prepare Everything for the Hospital, Labor, & Delivery

the birth of your baby (and mine too) is a kina scary time...

I mean don’t get me wrong…beautiful and amazing, and pretty much all you’ve ever dreamed about your whole life (if you’re me anyway) but it’s also a time of great insecurity and fear!

Especially if it’s your first time.

That’s why I’ve created this super-blog-post which is going to walk you through the 13 essential steps you can take to prepare yourself for your trip to the hospital & the birth!

Plus sprinkled throughout I’ll be linking some articles that go deeper into each of these subjects, in case there is a subject you’d potentially like to read more about!

Let’s get started :D.

How to Create a Birth Plan Step-by-Step

How to Create a Birth Plan Step-by-Step

my original stance was to be like those little monkeys...

You know…see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil….

In other words to just kind of go with the flow at my birth!

But then I started doing some research…and the magical world of episiotomies, fundal pressure, and forceps appeared in front of me.

I was shocked honestly…nobody really warns you about these things and they don’t seem to be that widely known outside of the mommy world.

So I did some research and watched a million birth stories…only to come to the conclusion that it probably wouldn’t hurt to have a birth plan after all.

So, like I do with everything else in my life, I dove in head-first.

The following is a compilation of the crazy amounts of research I did reading through first-hand accounts of moms who recently gave birth + hospitals + labor & nurse delivery recommendations!!

All pieced together for your viewing pleasure :D