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3 Easy Steps to Create Life-Changing Good Habits

3 Easy Steps to Create Life-Changing Good Habits

we only get one shot at this

You know the whole life thing. And I’ve seen so many people waste their time thinking that their lives have to be a certain way.

Or that the only way to survive is to stay stuck where you are in life. Like that job is the only way you can make money. Or that person is the only one who will make you happy.

The truth is, that the big changes that we secretly want, are 100% possible.

They lie just beyond 3 super easy to comprehend, yet slightly harder to make happen concepts:

  1. Goals

  2. Habits

  3. The Subconscious Mind

Today, in this article, I’m gonna walk you through these three concepts so you can ultimately make the big changes you want to make in your life.

Like, where is your career heading? Are you in a job because it feels safe?

What about those talents you’ve had since birth, that you’ve never really developed? A book you want to write? A song you want to sing?

It’s all possible, it just takes a lot of determination. Notice I didn’t say “a little bit” I said a lot, because that’s what it takes.

The Incredibly Easy Roadmap to Changing Your Habits

The Incredibly Easy Roadmap to Changing Your Habits

Let’s take a journey today!

A journey to making some seriously simple changes in our daily lives, so that a year from now, those new years goals come true!

Cause I know last year’s new years goals, went unfinished.

Maybe written down in a gorgeous little planner that has also gone unused during the year.

So let’s make this year different. With a simple step-by-step plan to change up how you look at your goals, and how to change your habits to actually make your goals happen.

In this article:

  1. What Habits Are (how they work)

  2. The Step-by-Step Plan to Changing Your Habits

  3. How the Subconscious Mind Sometimes Interferes

Why Setting Goals is Useless Without First Changing Your Habits

Why Setting Goals is Useless Without First Changing Your Habits

I love new years.

And I love spring cleaning…and setting new goals in the fall.

Basically I love any excuse to set new goals & start afresh.

But there would always be this pattern in my life. I’d get really stoked about my new goals, write them down, maybe even make a vision board or two, but then a few months down the road…I would find myself back at start…do not pass go…do not collect 200$.

It took me a while to figure this sort of obvious thing out:

Just writing down your goals doesn’t mean you’ll actually acheive them.

How to Change Your Life Using the Power of Your Habits

How to Change Your Life Using the Power of Your Habits

If you’re like me, setting goals is a monthly habit.

But if you’re also like me….they don’t always work out.

Sometimes I write them down, sometimes I even make a plan to reach those goals…you know…like daily, weekly, and monthly habits.

Only to find that by next month nothing has changed. I’m back to square one, and things aren’t really any different.

It took me a while to figure out what was going wrong.

And when I finally did, things changed. Because I wasn’t just writing down those daily, weekly, and monthly habits. I was building them into my life in a methodical way that meant my goals really did come true.

In this article I’m gonna break down:

  1. How to understand habits

  2. How to change your habits

  3. How to ultimately change your life using small, daily habits

How Your Subconscious Mind Might Be Sabotaging Your Goals

How Your Subconscious Mind Might Be Sabotaging Your Goals

If you’re wondering what the hell your subconscious mind has to do with losing 17lbs, or writing that book you’ve always wanted to write, you’re probably not alone!

That’s where I come in…

A year ago I was suffering from a slew of bad habits, but have since learned to rock some amazing systems to make sh*t happen in my life and business.

I dove deep into my subconscious mind, guys it was scary in there, and now it’s what I teach, because it really revolutionized my life.

So my question to you now is….what’s your biggest goal?

Close your eyes, yes right now, and just let the first image that comes to your mind show up.

What was it?

Did it surprise you, or is this something you’ve known that you wanted for a long time?

Either way…there is only one path to reaching that goal, and that is to make small daily changes with the help of your subconscious mind.

Habit Tracker & Subconscious Mind Freebie

Habit Tracker & Subconscious Mind Freebie

With the dawning of every new year, or new season….we always get this itch…

…to change, reformulate, declutter, & start afresh.

Maybe we even make a big list of shiny goals!

…Pay off debt, get thinner, clean the house more.

But usually, after just a few weeks have passed. The goals lie on a forgotten page in our journals, or a stack of papers on our desk.

And we’re back to square one…until the next season change or new year.

Read more on how to change your habits with this habit tracker, and subconscious mind workbook.

The Ultimate Guide: How to Create Good Habits and Stop Bad Habits

The Ultimate Guide: How to Create Good Habits and Stop Bad Habits

It was 7 o’clock, I just got home from work.

I found myself shoveling slice after slice into my mouth.

I was upset…see?

Stressed out from work….and as a result stress eating.

I mean pizza has this wonderful way of making me feel good about the world again…plus it’s yummy.

What’s the harm in bingeing every once in a while? I told myself.

There’s NO harm! I thought. As long as I’m mostly healthy!

But the truth is, our habits, good or bad, create our life.

So unhealthy or destructive habits make for an unhealthy or destructive life.

Pizza every day = high cholesterol, and heart complications.

And the truth is…I wasn’t really that healthy…I just sort of believed I was…without any real proof.

I mean I did eat the occasional salad.

Don’t let yourself get caught in this vicious cycle…of making bad choices, justifying them, forgetting about them, and then making bad choices again.

Your life can be exactly what you want it to be. You can be a musician, a painter, a doctor, or a marathon-runner.

To be those things you gotta leave that bad habits behind…they’ll only bring you down. You have to make choices on a daily basis that are good for you and that point you in the direction of what you want.

And I’m gonna show you how!



Table of Contents:

Why Bad Habits Are Bad

Why Bad Habits Are Hard to Break

How to Break Bad Habits & Replace Them With Good Habits