The 5 Essential Steps to Prepare for Baby Financially

The 5 Essential Steps to Prepare for Baby Financially

When I started the creation of the “prepare for baby” challenge...surprisingly (to me) there was only one thing on most mother’s minds...


I mean I asked like five times to be sure, cause I thought mommas would be more preoccupied with cute onsies…or how to set up a birth plan…but again and again the #1 response was FINANCES.

So I heard you mommas & don’t worry I got your backs.

Below are the five steps I’ve outlined to prepare your house financially for the arrival of a new member.

I did A LOT of research for this post, so you can rest assured this will be your basic step-by-step guide to planning financially for your little kicker.

These are the categories in case you’re a read-ahead type:

  1. Savings Accounts & Budget Cushions

  2. Calculate Costs & Ways to Save Money

  3. Creating a Budget & Reducing your Spending

  4. Earning Extra Money & Finding Help

  5. Insurance

Is Money Spiritual? Is Wanting Money Bad?

Is Money Spiritual? Is Wanting Money Bad?


When we were born onto this earth, and our souls took the form of a human body for the next 60-100 years, we also took on the responsibility of caring for our physical bodies. Because if we don’t we can’t survive.

We also, when we came into corporeal form took on the laws of our universe and one of the laws is the Law of Gender (or the Law of Polarity also works) and therefore each of us has both masculine and feminine energy in us.

We have the survival instinct…so yeah we gotta survive!

But on a larger scale, we were meant to live abundant lives. Our natural state is a state of abundance, where we’re thriving and giving and able to share our spirituality and our gifts & talents.

I mean let’s look at it through the lense of self-care which has a similar function.

I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase “put your own oxygen mask on before helping others,” why is this necessary? Because if you don’t you die!

Same thing with self-care, if you don’t take care of yourself you get burnt-out, crabby, helpless, and hopeless.

And hey! Same things with money! If you are constantly worried about how you’re going to pay for your next meal…then you won’t be able to show up and serve.

Money has a million functions in our lives..and those don’t necessarily have anything to do with being greedy or selfish, things like paying our bills, paying for healthcare, pet care etc.

And even things that could be considered slightly more “greedy” like getting a massage, or hiring someone to clean the house, or taking a vacation all have spiritual purposes. Self-care anyone?!?

Money is love.

Attract Money into Your Life Using Crystals, Oils, and Chakras

Attract Money into Your Life Using Crystals, Oils, and Chakras

There are many, many ways of attracting money into your life...and crystals are just one of them!

Crystals work either to attract money or to balance the energy that is responsible for attracting money.

For example some crystals are luck and money attracting, and others will balance the heart chakra...the chakra responsible for attracting wealth and money. 

Also! Essential oils can help you build and attract wealth, so we'll talk about that next. 

Finally we'll talk about the lower chakras and how each of them have their own relationship with wealth and money!

Leaving College With 67,000$ of Debt is Scary AF, Here's What to Do About it

Leaving College With 67,000$ of Debt is Scary AF, Here's What to Do About it

Money, Money, Finances.

It’s where it’s at.

It’s what all of us worry about.

It’s what we all want.

And yet it’s what we all fear.

See money has this life or death kind of power over us.

It can ruin families, lives, and if you don’t have it...well god forbid you ever get sick.

Some people have no money. And some people have tons of money.

Are poor people lazy? Did rich people inherit all of their money? Is it possible to pull yourself up by your own bootstraps and end up on the top floor of a multi-national corporation with a BMW and a personal jet?

So is money something that we can control in our lives? Or does it just happen to us?

If we’re born poor do we stay poor....