What is The Spiritual and Physical Power of Your Intuition?


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As human beings we live in a material world.


But within that is a spiritual, universal realm.

We are designed in such a way that allows for our bodies to be vessels for an energy that is carried out as a powerful frequency in this living universe.

This sadly neglected part of ourselves is referred to as our intuition.

Whether you understand it or not, you are often using your intuition in one form or another & in all of your experiences!

Even though intuition gets labeled under mystical experiences only, intuition is actually a very practical sense that we use everyday. It is even used within couples and groups.


What intuition looks like:

If ever you’ve had any of these moments happen to you or you have been made familiar to
these scenarios, then you have been more closely acquainted with intuition than you had
originally thought:

  •  A committed couple who have been together for some time and are in the middle of intimacy and though no one is speaking, there is no direction being given, they are totally in sync with each other and are moving and being together in such a way that is said to be intuitive, knowing how to do each step and move together in such a way that it seems to be seamless as in a dance together.


  • A team is working together on an aircraft before the first morning flight and they are preparing the stock and getting things cleaned up. It’s the 50th plane this month alone. This group knows one another so well and have worked alongside each other night after night and therefore, they have come to know how to work around each other in such a way that the momentum is perfect. They’re getting things done efficiently because they intuitively understand how the other individual moves.


  • A woman starting her late night shift in downtown, begins to turn down one of side of the street in order to take the alley way as a shortcut to the garage of the building but gets a feeling come over her and she feels a nervousness in her gut that tells her to take the opposite side and enter the building another way. Later, she hears that someone had been robbed in that very alley way around the same time. She realizes then that her gut feelings led her right. She listened to her body and avoided trouble.


  • You’re reflecting on some things in life and you go into prayer. It’s during this prayer and meditation time that you get that epiphany that seems to come out like an instant flash and you behold a powerful insight that just popped right in from the ether. You’ve just been hit with your intuition.


Intuition Is a Form of Spiritual Knowledge


Intuition is wisdom that gets channeled into you from a higher source of where all spiritual
knowledge hails from.

When you go on those evening walks and you’re observing the things around you as you think about your life and these sudden amazing ideas begin flowing into your mind out of nowhere, that is your intuition at work!

That inner knowing of intuition that resides within, vibrates a powerful, energetic frequency that the crown chakra emanates.

It’s the universal mind speaking to you, through you, as you.


Intuition Is a Form of Truth

Intuition is connected to truth.

When those tidbits of knowledge come flashing in, you’re getting a form of a higher truth.

When you get these, yet you decide to resist and act against them, it’s as if you are resisting the truth.

Your body can tell the difference.

When go against what is true, your body constricts and tenses up.

When done over and over again, ignoring your intuition can affect your mental health because inside, you know that you’re going against the grain of truth.

Since the body is affected, after doing this for years even, your body has taken on health issues
due to the mounted stress caused by the actions of an individual who went against truth and


Intuition Shows Biological Markers

There have been studies which seemed to prove what our “intuitions” have told us about its
relation to our biology.

Our bodies really do communicate to us and intuition has a major part in this communication.

There are plenty of examples where there have been those who sensed that something was wrong with their health after suffering much anxiety related problems.

These issues arose some feelings that there may be a worsening condition on the rise if certain actions were not taken in order to not amplify the situation. It was by an initial intuition that something might be wrong and that it was time to pay a visit to the doctor that many were notified that they were in fact on the verge of a heart attack or stroke, for example, had they not first listened to their intuitions, made some adjustments and gone to the doctor to get confirmation and further instruction on what to do.

The next is true with mothers. Somehow, it seems that they are powerfully linked to their
children biologically and for some, can sense impending doom or danger for their child when the child found themselves in a dangerous situation.

We’ve all heard those stories of the mothers who got those impressions out of the blue and felt them so powerfully that they would not stop hunting the feeling or the child down until they were able to intervene and help their child.

Many times, these intuitions accompanied a literal physical ability in strength! We can only assume that there is a link to intuition and cellular memory.

In Conclusion

To wrap up, we are only now beginning to take a deeper look at this sixth sense we call intuition and are finally regarding it as something to be taken seriously.

After all, we speak of it often and use it on the day to day whether we are actively conscious of it or not!

Intuition is a powerful tool that we could not live without.

It allows for us to navigate both the natural world and our spiritual worlds within.

It provides us with deep insight about ourselves, our world and the people around us.

Consider how many times we have avoided dealing with the wrong persons because of intuition!

What’s more, we see that intuition provokes us to listen to our bodies and stay aware of our health and be conscious of what our bodies are trying to communicate with us at each level.

We can anticipate that intuition will provide us with great insights and ideas during our moments of clarity when we are active during prayer and reflection.

I believe intuition is behind every great piece of art, every close and intimate relationship, behind each amazing story of survival... But most importantly, intuition is at the heart of every major spiritual transformation that a person has come through. Intuition is behind every great truth that has found its way to the wellbeing of mankind.


by Jamie A. Jacobson




Jamie is a debut blogger with ambitions to expand. She resides in Seattle, Washington with her man of 23 years after caring for a massive family and now lives alone with their white pets... Their cat with heterochromia named Avia and a blue-eyed, red nosed, pit bull, named India.

She’s in the field of Hospitality and Tourism attaining her degree and plans to travel write and create amazing packages for those who desire spiritual travel adventures and pilgrimages across the world. Her passions include helping others find their light, music, books, writing, spirituality, and investigating the mysteries and conspiracies of our times.


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