Self-Control Over Halloween Weekend: Make Healthy Choices & Stop Cravings

Self control Halloween temptation binge too much healthy habits sugar high sugar crash how much sugar a day eating too much

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Too many drinks at a party.

And…of course chocolate.

Halloween weekend is choc full (excuse my play on words) of tempations

Your kids will be bringing home bags and bags full of candy.

Or you will have left over candy from the trick-or-treaters.

Or you will be out at the bars with friends paying too much for signature cocktails…and going home…well not so sober.

But what if you could make a plan for Halloween.

A plan that would lead you through the weekend mostly unharmed.

You could enjoy a few pieces of chocolate without going crazy.

You could have a few drinks and not spend $100s of dollars.

You could keep that bowl of candy in the cupboard till it goes stale.

See staying healthy is all about making the right choices ahead of time, before those choices slap you in the face and you choose the wrong one!


How to resist tempations at Halloween by making a plan.


1.       Figure out your Halloween plans.

To make a plan, first you need to have a basic idea of what Halloween weekend is going to look like this year.

Will you be with your kids? With your peers? With your work colleagues?

Write down what your plans are, and leave space under each event.


2.       Find out what your weak points and reasons are.

This will be different for everyone! So you’ll need to think what your biggest temptations are. For some it might be sweets, for others it might be cigarettes, and still others might be tempted by buying expensive Halloween costumes.

What are your weaknesses?

Write those down and next to each think about WHY those are your weaknesses.

For example:

My weakness is alcohol. I drink excess during parties because I am actually nervous to interact with people.

Or another example might be:

My weakness is overspending on costumes and drinks. I do this because I really just want people to like me and value me.



My weakness is candy. I like candy because it makes me feel good after a long day at the office.

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3.       Find out your triggers.

Now that you know what your weaknesses and reasons are you need to figure out what triggers you.

Like going out with friends is a trigger for drinking or smoking.

Or having candy on hand and feeling stressed is a trigger for eating candy and breaking your diet.

 Write all of this down in a habit tracker.

Like the one I’ll give you for free here:

Self control Halloween temptation binge too much healthy habits sugar high sugar crash how much sugar a day eating too much

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This is where you write down the habit for that day, how many times you did it, and what you were feeling, experiencing, or doing when the craving hit, or when you made the decision.

This step is VERY important, and requires some time (at least a day), for you to really dissect your triggers.

Likely triggers could be: certain people (like your friends), certain actions (like driving a car), certain items (like candy in the cupboard), certain places (like a bar), or certain feelings (like stress).

Some cravings are mostly biological, if that is the case you either search for fixes to that problem (i.e. sugar cravings and yeast overgrowth) or skip ahead to #4 and get cracking on beating the temptation.


4.       Practice replacement therapy.

Now that we know our weaknesses, reasons, and triggers it’s time to start finding healthy replacements.

Let’s say you have a sugar craving a possible replacement might be tea with honey, or an apple.

As your cravings arise, try substituting the unhealthy thing for a healthy alternative.

Experiment and try new things until you find the right combination for your triggers. Sometimes an apple just won’t do. So you’ll need to keep trying, maybe a low-sugar energy bar does the trick.

Keep experimenting to find what actually satisfies that craving, mark it down and move on!

For this step you’ll need to give yourself some time. A week is ideal but it could be done in a day or two!


5.       Cut yourself some slack.

Remember to treat yourself with love and grace during this process.

You might get caught up in all the fun over Halloween weekend. THAT’S OKAY.

The point of this process is not to completely cut yourself off. It’s to exercise some control over the choices in your life, and live healthier!

Maybe make some room in your plan to enjoy one delicious cocktail, or one big candy bar.

You set the rules!


6.       Prepare yourself for a difficult weekend.

If your big weakness is candy you need to make this weekend as easy as possible for yourself.

For example, instead of buying the trick-or-treat candy a week in advance, try buying it as close to Halloween as possible.

Or try buying candy that you don’t like. That way you’ll be less tempted to eat it.

If your big weakness is spending too much money of costumes or drinks, try taking out the cash you think is necessary for the weekend, keep it in an envelope and spending ONLY this cash.

Try to limit your exposure to your weakness.

For example you could limit the time you spend out with friends by inventing a second event that you can’t miss.


7.       Put it all together.

With all of the information you’ve gathered it’s time to make a plan.

Take a look at the events you have coming up over Halloween weekend, and begin to imagine which weaknesses, reasons, and triggers might show up.

Map your weaknesses, reasons, and triggers in a way that makes sense to you.

Now write down how you’re going to try to minimize your exposure to your weaknesses. Hide the kid’s candy, keep a cash-only budget!

Stay present as you experience cravings, what are you experiencing in the moment of your craving.

As the last stand against your cravings and temptations, try using your replacement therapy. Use the replacement to stave off the temptation.

And finally if all your planning and preparing gives way and you end up using your credit card, smoking a cigarette, or having an extra candy bar….give your self some slack.

This process is a difficult and tedious one…often with no immediate results.

Thanks for reading!

Don’t forget to snag your free habit tracker to help you over Halloween weekend!

Good luck!

Self control Halloween temptation binge too much healthy habits sugar high sugar crash how much sugar a day eating too much

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