Rose Quartz - Why, When, and How to Use Rose Quartz Crystals

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This post is going to serve as my open love letter to rose quartz...a crystal that I orginally shunned because of it's popularity!'s my absolute favorite crystal ever.

Rose quartz, pictured below, is a light pink form of quartz that you can find in most jewlery shops, crystal shops, and yoga stores. 

Like I mentioned earlier, I kind brushed off rose quartz because it was so popular, and I didn't really see it as a powerful stone...more like just pretty and around a lot of influencer's necks.

Boy was I wrong.

In fact I credit this stone with some of the deepest, and most honest talks between my husband and I. 

Read more about its uses, where to find it, how to wear it, where to put it, and which chakra & zodiac sign it's associated with. 


Why Use Rose Quartz


Basically...what is it good for?

Well A LOT a rulser of the heart space rose quartz supports you in a lot of ways:

  • Deep healing within families -

  • Finding love -

  • Deep healing within romantic relationships -

  • Attracting money -

  • Setting boundaries -

  • Balancing masculine and feminine energies -

  • Washing out toxic energy and emotions -

  • Seeing fights and disagreements from a different perspective -

  • Compassion, forgiveness, & understanding -

  • Unconditional love -

  • Attracting a partner -

  • Restoring trust -

Here's one caveat I'd like to add to the "finding love" or "attracting a partner."

Rose quartz doesn't exactly attract a partner. What it does is show you what true, unconditional love feels like in your heart by clearing out your pain and restoring love in your heart.

By showing you what unconditional love feels like, YOU begin to attract a partner by the change in your actions, words, feelings, and thoughts.

Here's a quote by Rumi that might shed some light on the topic: "Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the boundaries within yourself that you built against it,"


Where to Find Rose Quartz


Here are some of my favorite shops to find rose quartz online:

Both are run by fabulous women who sell crystals online.

However if you're in a state or a place that sells a lot of crystals...think Tucson, Arizona, it might be worth a trip to the local crystal market for you to find some amazing crystals at cost!

Other great places to find rose quarts are in crystal shops, yoga shops, jewelry stores, and IDK where else maybe a flea market? :D




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    How & Where to Use Rose Quartz


    I have natural rose quartz stones that I put on my shelf, near my desk and others that I just cary around in my pockets. 

    When my husband and I are fighting or disagreeing about something...we pass the rose quartz between us while we each express our fears, feelings, and thoughts. 

    We only use "I feel..." statements but that's a story for another time. 

    By holding the rose quartz in our hands we naturally open up and stagnant energies and deep emotions come forth to be dealt with and cleared using our words & voice energy. 

    This is work that I intentionally that needs to be done to right the energies of both my physical ancestors and my past lives. Plus you 

    Wearing rose quartz around your neck near your heart is also very powerful in teaching your heart what love energy feels like. 


    Rose Quartz Associations & Care


    Zodiac Sign: Taurus

    Chakra: Heart Chakra

    Care: I like to cleanse my rose quartz every day if I can...and especially after a big use (like a disagreement, or going out to a speed dating event etc.) To cleanse it place it in salt water overnight, moonlight if it's a full moon, or bury it in the sand or dirt. Just don't leave it in the sunlight as it can lose it's color. 


    I hope you found this helpful and informative! 

    In the comments section you have a favorite crystal? Or are you totally new to crystals?

    (my favorite is rose quartz!)