put your oxygen mask on first: the how and why of self-care


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If you're anything like me your schedule looks a bit like this:



Wake-up, walk the dog, give the kids breakfast, take the kids to school, go to work, buy groceries, walk the dog again, make dinner, clean the house, put the kids to bed, and maybe...just maybe have ten minutes to yourself.


Ok I don't really have kids.


But can you see the pattern?


Most of us dedicate our lives to taking care of and helping others.


Times that by 1 million if you happen to be a mom.


I'm super good at this by the way. Always bending over backwards, or my schedule to make other happier or more comfortable, to do things that they want from me...but that I don't want or can't do.


I'm simply amazing at sacrificing what I need and want.


And I can go on like this for a long time...always making small seemingly unimportant sacrifices, till there's nothing left.


And I have to call in sick to work again because I'm tired, depleted, and oh yeah worried that I'm letting everyone down.


Sounds dramatic, but it's true. And this blog is all about truth.


Is there anything wrong with taking care of others? No.


Just as long as you don't lose yourself in the process.


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How to figure out your boundaries and why:


Our minds are super smart and super tricky.


Don't believe me? Let's talk about the difference between saying "no" and "just letting it go"


Imagine your friend asks you to watch their dog for the weekend. They're going out of town and Fido needs a babysitter.


But you've got plans too. You'll be gone all day and you know that Fido has a penchant for destruction. But you also know that your friend, let's call her Sally, can't afford to pay a sitter.


Most people might just say "No" And those people have a good sense of their boundaries.


But if you're like me...you'll be thinking of your friend's needs first. So you think, I'll just cancel my plans and take care of the dog. It's the right thing to do.


You think you're doing the right thing, by just letting this slide, by taking care of your friend's needs. You take the inconvenience and "just let it go" because you are a good person, and a helpful person!


Something like this ever happen to you?


Your mind in it's infinite wisdom...messes things up sometimes.


That's because as children, we can get some mixed signals about how to meet our own needs, and still be a functioning, sympathetic part of society.


Learning to say "No" is important.


Because "No" is a boundary...and as they say. No is a complete sentence.


Letting things go has it's place too.


But putting your boundaries up when and where they are needed and justified is step one to self care.


Not sure how self-care can work for you?

30 day self care challenge self care ideas exercises products



The next step to self-care?


Learning to take care of ourselves.


Everybody's self care routines are different. Just as we are all unique butterflies...we all have unique likes and dislikes when it comes to our rejuvenation time.


My personal favorites are the following. Who knows they may work for you too:




-Painting my nails

-Watching Netflix

-Going on a hike

-Eating a chocolate cake

-Having my hair cut

-Drinking tea


-Doing Yoga

-Making myself a meal


Alright my list might be a tailored to my likes, but just try searching self-care in pinterest...you'll find something that works for you.


Which brings me to my next point!


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Schedule time to take care of yourself!


That's right...make a little appointment in your calendar. Write out a 24-hour cancelation policy. Set agressive reminder's on your phone (with lots of exclamation points).


That's your YOU time baby...bask in it...make it happen!


Have you ever flown on an airplane?


You know the part when they do the safety demo?


If you're a frequent flyer like me, then you probably know it by heart.


Well then you'll know the part where they say "put on your own oxygen mask before helping young children with theirs"


Well the same applies in real life people.


Don't suffocate yourself in the process of trying to help others.


You can't help others if you're not okay yourself.


Let me repeat that...


You can't help others if you're not okay yourself.


Ok so get out there in the world and take care of yourself first! You're a queen! You deserve it!


Hey! By the way...


If you're the type of person who is interested in leading a simple, mindful life....have I got a course for you!


It's free, so check it out!


I might surprise you!


Or maybe I won't...and then yes you can have a refund of free dollars.


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