Why Perspective is Necessary for Entrepreneurs, and How to Find it

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I woke up from my daily nap today....

<3 love you Spain....

...and I had this overwhelming feeling of failure.

You see just two days ago, I embarked on a new stage in my blog. 

One where I show up and get REALLY visible for 100 days.

It's part of my plan to boost up my income, and it is A LOT of work. I've set myself some really big challenges. It's had been going really well, for the past two days anyway, and today idk why but it just caught up with me. 

Then I had the realization that I'm only 3 days into a 100 day plan...and that oh yeah! It's OK not to be seeing any results yet.

So that hit me, and then I was able to fall back on my old sense of perspective. 

See I tend to get a little teensey bit dramatic...and that's because I'm such a detail oriented person that sometimes I miss the big picture.

See and being good with details is a gift! But it's easy for us detail-minded people to get lost in the fact that only two days have passed and my new blog plan isn't immediately making me any money. Lol...


Why is perspective so necessary


Perspective is so necessary because it keeps us motivated to move forward with our business. It teaches us that every bump in the road isn't necessarily a call to give up completely. 

That every post that doesn't get 1000 likes immediately doesn't necessarily mean that there's something wrong with our post. 

In fact it's just a normal part of running your online business especially in the beginning! 

Perspective can help you remember that you have a strong offer and a strong message (you do right?? if not check out this post The 4 Essential Ingredients to an Offer that Sells) and that some things just need time!

You just need to leave the cake in the oven a little bit longer...otherwise you're just gonna have a gooey mess and have to start all over!


How to get perspective


Here are my favorite ways to get perspective when you're feeling like the world is ending, and like you're never going to be successful.


1. Talk to nature.


I know I sound like a broken record when I tell people to get out into nature...and especially if you're in my Facebook group...you probably hear it daily....but it's truly the fix-all and we spend so much time indoors that it's hard for us to imagine the positive effect that a stroll among the trees can have.

Trees, nature, grass on your bare feet, the sound of waves crashing...these things immediately clear and balance your energy and your chakras. And this well help you to remember your power, and how to tap into it.


2. Essential Oils


This is my all-time favorite blend (see picture below) aptly titled "Perspective" by Rocky Mountain Oils. 

I love their brand because a) the title - I'm from Colorado

 b) they have really amazing feeling and smelling oils...they're all suspended in fractionated coconut oil

and c) they're safe and well-produced oils.  

If you have another favorite company take a look and see if they have a similar mixture because this blend is truly life-changing.

Smelling it will immediately make you feel like the sweet little inner-child is having a moment to come forth and express itself.

It will transport you to a hammock, and the smell of fresh laundry on the clothesline. And will help you take a breath of fresh air that will immediately transform that doubt into something more like grace. 

In case you have some essential oils and want to get a similar effect, this oil contains lavender, geranium, sandalwood, german/roman chamomile, frankincense, ylang ylang, & cypress. 



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    3. Taking Stock


    Sometimes when we're in the thick of it we don't realize how much our businesses have progressed.

    We only see the empty paypal account, or the 1 like on our posts, and forget to take stock of all that we have achieved. 

    This practice is simple, check your analytics, keep track of your subscribers, and watch every single form of progress you can find in your business. You'll be surprised how far you've come.


    4. Celebrating!


    So take the things from #3, and then also check all your profiles for the subscribers, followers, likes and comments, the dollars in your account...everything!! 

    And CELEBRATE it all!

    This helps you realize how much you already have, puts into perspective your fears, worries and negative thoughts, and puts you in the mindset of abundance!

    The universe will respond to this abundant mindset so ramp up the celebration and have a good time with it.


    I'm wishing for some perspective for you in this season of your business! And oh yeah...


    In the comment section below...

    a) I'm REALLY good at always reminding myself that this IS a process and that sometimes I don't see results immediately...I'm very patient

    b) I get slightly bothered by hiccups in my entrepreneur journey...they don't bother me too much right now but maybe if there were a lot at once it would bother me

    c) I get really easily discouraged and lose perspective on my business whenever I encounter small problems...I'm not great at seeing the big picture

    get clients marketing how to get clients social media entrepreneurs spiritual entrepreneurs empath entrepreneurs attract clients manifest clients getting clients coach coaching business coach