5 Lessons from Trees for Your Online Business


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I have a favorite tree.

Which I hug every day.

Much to the embarrassment of my fiancé while were out walking the dog.

But I don’t care, because it took me a long time to be able to hug trees openly in public. I mean the word tree-hugger is practically a cussword.

But trees and their connection to divine nature, can offer us unique meditations on what it means to build a strong online business.

So here they are the 5 lessons from trees for your online business.


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1.       Stay still –

Staying still, or staying connected to your clear message is one of the hardest parts of running an online business. Some people call it the shiny object syndrome! I call it the absorbing other’s energy syndrome. It can be all too easy to get excited about things that aren’t right for us, to change directions when a message or a product is working immediately, or to try to be on every social media platform. But take a hint from the trees. Stay still in your message. At least for a few months. Stay in one or two social media platforms. Stay still in a product until you’re sure it can work! Or you’re sure it doesn’t work.


2.       Grow tall not wide –

Also known as the common advice, niche down! Think about the build of a tree, first the trunk comes up, and it’s strong, and narrow, and stays in one place. That’s what you need at the beginning of your adventure! Once you’ve grown a bit taller, you can sprout more and more branches, or in other words cover more and more topics in your online community.



3.       Get quiet –

In a noisy online there is one way to re-center yourself and find YOUR inspiration. That is to get quiet like a tree. I even will lean my head against the tree and ask for guidance. The energy that you receive is pure energy, divine energy and if you sit there long enough you will receive information from your guides as to what is your next step in your business.


4.       Connect to nature –

Connecting to nature means balancing and healing your root chakra. Your root chakra is your connection to money, security, and safety in the online world. So connecting to nature will ground you into who you are, help you build a safe and strong foundation on which you can then build your empire of an online community.




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     5.       Believe in abundance –

    The trees never wonder or worry where their next meal is going to come from. They simply stay, rooted in one spot, trusting that the sun will come out, and they will convert that sunlight into sugar. Be like the trees, trust that your business is going to bring you the sugar (or money haha) that you need. Allow light energy, like the sun, to transform you every day.


    There it is. Want to be successful in your business?

    Be like a tree <3


    In the comment section below tell us, which of these lessons you're taking home with you today??