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Forms of Meditation that Aren't Meditation

If you're ready to bring the mindfulness you do on the mat, into the real world. These mindfulness exercises will help you do just that! They are the exercises that can help bring mindfulness into every moment in your mind.


1.       Mindfulness coloring pages


2.       Running – Feeling your feet hit the ground. Feeling the resistance in your mind and body. Feeling the freedom that comes with running…all of these feelings, when felt in the moment equal a mindful attitude. And running is especially helpful because it takes energy from your mind and balances it into the lower chakras in the body. Helping you become less “in your head.”

3.       Dancing – When I say dancing, I mean pulling the curtains, shutting the door, putting on some music that you REALLY love, and just letting your body express itself. No mirrors, no judgement!

4.       Yoga – Yoga kind of forces you to be present. Because as you do your practice, your body expresses its pains and feelings. Especially if you are a trauma victim.

5.       Praying – This is another form of meditation. It means accessing God.

6.       Deep Breathing – Deep breathing can be done in moments of crisis, and doesn’t have to be attached to a formal meditation practice.

7.       Grounding Exercises – These are exercises such as feeling a rock, or paying attention to your surroundings. These exercises help ground you and bring your mind to the present moment.

8.       Reading poetry – Reading is a connection between the writer and the reader. It is an intimate connection that can help you become mindful of the details of life, and of your own emotions.

9.       Going for long walks – I like to take these walks alone, and just look at nature! I always take stock of things I can see, feel, hear, smell, and taste along the way.

10.   Writing in your journal – Writing in a journal helps you express yourself for who you are in every moment without judgement. A lot like mindfulness if you ask me!


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11.   Getting a massage

12.   Getting a spa treatment

13.   Taking a shower or a bath

14.   Gardening

15.   Cleaning a zen garden

16.   Listening to birds

17.   Hiking

18.   Watching running water (a river, a fountain)

19.   Sitting in the sauna or steam room

20.   Listening to speakers on meditation or mindfulness


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