Finding Your Life Purpose With Aquamarine (Clearing the Throat Chakra)

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To say that my aquamarine stone is single-handedly responsible for the creation and success of my blog is not an exaggeration. 


I first got my aquamarine stone about a year and a half ago, coincidentally around the same time that my blog started.

My counselor gave it to me and my husband as a spur-of-the-moment going away present. 

It was spontaneous that she gave it to me, and upon assessing the value of a stone that large I was truly shocked! 

But the aquamarine was essential to my spiritual development...because it triggers the balancing of the throat chakra.


why we need to balance and clear the throat chakra

Specifically my throat chakra was VERY closed down. From never expressing my emotions in childhood, to being told to stop screaming out in pain while I was throat chakra was highly closed off.

In fact I was so shy, had a really hard time expressing myself, or saying what I truly felt.

And like most women I thought my voice should only be used to say sweet and nice things. Never to express my fears, my shames, my anger, and NEVER under ANY circumstances my ego's desires. 

And so the throat chakra was shut down repeatedly, by myself and by my society, much like it is for almost everyone in puritanical cultures. 

The problem with this is that, the throat chakra governs more than just our voice and our ability to express governs...

  • honesty

  • truth

  • career

  • vocation

  • life path

  • sharing in pain

  • clear communication in families and between lovers

  • the voice in general

SO yeah! The throat chakra is one of THE most important hello, if your career is boring and you don't feel like you're living out your life purpose then pay attention to this post!




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     The throat chakra balances and imbalances and features

    The throat chakra governs career, job, and life purpose. It also governs free speech, truth, saying what you need to say, connecting with others, the written word, and the voice. 

    Element: Ether

    Zodiac Sign: Scorpio

    Unbalanced: Inability to speak, quiet voice, hoarse voice, yelling too often, lying often, speaking too much or inappropriately, telling secrets too much, not keeping your word, shyness, lack of communication and connection. No clear vocation or career, lack of authenticity.

    Balanced: Authentic, honest, good at communicating needs, telling the truth always, even when it's not easy, following your career path, connected with your life purpose, creative, good sense of timing. 

    Essential Oils to Balance the Throat Chakra

    • Bergamot

    • Tea Tree Oil

    • Lavender

    • Peppermint

    • Cypress

    • Roman Chamomile

    • Rosemary

    • Blue Tansy

    Read more about the chakras here: Essential Oils for the Chakras



    What Aquamarine Can Help You With

    Aquamarine is one my favorite stones.

    The big aquamarine that I had was given to me in the spur of the moment, so I also gifted the stone when my intuition most called me to do so! 

    It was an easy gift to give, because I knew that it's power is so strong, and that it asked to go with this girl. 

    Aquamarine will help clear the imbalances in the throat chakra, which in turn will help you:

    • heal your personal fears of speaking, public speaking, and speaking your truth

    • telling the truth

    • honoring honesty

    • living out and finding your life purpose

    • finding the career, vocation, or job that you were meant to do on this planet

    • telling secrets that need to be told (for me this was sharing my abuse story)

    • being loud just for the sake of being loud

    • combating the patriarchy's desire to have women be "seen not heard"

    • standing up for yourself

    • saying NO

    • saying what you need

    • arrive at a comfortable place where you can use your voice to say what you need and when you need it

    • manage tough communications in business or in family life

    If any of these things sound like you, it may be that you have an imbalance in your throat chakra. 

    I HIGHLY encourage you to get aquamarine in some form. I personally like to wear aquamarine around my neck, and I personally like the look of natural aquamarine rather than polished!

    Here are some aquamarine crystals from my favorite crystal distributor!!


    Tell us below! What's your favorite crystal??