How to Get Your First Paying Client for Spiritual Entrepreneurs


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Not Making Any Money in My Business

During the first year of my business I probably spent over 1000 hours working....with almost NOTHING to show for it. I was honestly at the giving up point.

I was thinking maybe it's just not possible for me...maybe I'm not doing it right...etc. 

And then BOOM* something happened that would change the course of this blog and of my confidence in my ability to support myself...and oh yeah the infinite nature of our universe and it's constantly supply of mon-ay!!!!

I launched a course called "Cleanse Your Spirit."

The response was underwhelming to say the least....crickets could be heard from a mile away.

I was more than disappointed...I was completely hopeless.

See, that month was also the month that I celebrated my 1-year blog-iversary! 

During that first year I didn't make much money...Like probably less than 50$ total during that entire first year.

And then everything changed.


Getting my First Clients

You see May was also the month that I hired a business coach who I really looked up to.

That 1:1 coaching helped me to change up the things that weren't working in my business....

like spending an hour a day on Pinterest, or trying to get guest blogging spots.

I mean don't get me wrong all those things are really good for the long term of a business...but in the short term...well...they just don't bring in any money!!!


So I got a package out there for 1:1 coaching and sold 4 of them! HAPPY DANCE!

This was the first time I had EVER made substantial money in my business. So for the 13th month of my business I celebrated a net profit of 1000$.!! 

It took me a long time to realize this...especially because a lot of online gurus spout affiliate marketing and other forms of passive income as the only way to make money online...but my blog and marketing strategy, and hell even my personality are more of a relationship type!!

I mean on the relationship vs. numbers spectrum...I'm certainly a relationship type person. 

And so putting 1:1 packages out there, adding video to them, and a couple of other "secret sauce" ingredients were what got me that little bump toward creating an actual income with this blog.

That was also the first month that I quit my day job...probably not a coincidence but hey that's a tale for another time.




It’s a FREE guide to discovering how running an online business is different for empaths & intuitives & why you NEED to use your intuition to run your biz.

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    The Specific problems spiritual entrepreneurs face

    So now you might be does this apply to me and my blog...

    WELL boy oh boy!

    The work I do is mainly for us spiritual and empathic type women. We are sensitive souls who just don't thrive in normal work places, and have different skills to offer like our psychic abilities, our sensitivity to nature, our healing powers etc. 

    We also tend to be the group of women who have a REALLY hard time making money, getting specific about goals, and selling our products or services.

    We just wanna help people :)

    Which is amazing, and a huge gift, but I mean a girls gotta eat. Plus a girl's got her eye on a shiny, new bicycle. 

    So this training, and the info I'm sharing below is really for you if you're that woman who knows that her products or services "help people" make them "more confident" or even "happier" but can't get any more specific than that.

    This is also for you if you're struggling to make money with your blog.

    THIS ABSOLUTELY CAN HAPPEN FOR's just you need some guidance...and the RIGHT kind of guidance...because if you're like me you spent like thousands on courses for your blog with almost no return.

    That's why I believe in the power of 1:1 sessions...but that's another topic altogether. 



    The "Get Your First Client" Training

    Are you ready to attract those next 5 clients????

    In honor of the women who have struggled to make money, and have tried their hand at affiliate marketing, and who just want to make some DAMN money in their businesses, I've created a workshop!!!

    The purpose of this workshop?

    To help you attract your FIRST FEW CLIENTS!

    What we will cover... to find your clear and unique message. to show up consistently online. to put tangible results on your products (p.s. this is the #1 way to get clients ).
    ....the 4 ESSENTIAL steps to getting new clients.
    ....the 4 step workbook that all my paying clients get.
    ....and finally HOW to ATTRACT those FIRST FEW CLIENTS.

    We'll be talking about
    ....mindset of attraction
    ....the exact business strategy to follow (& how to adapt it to your business)

    It's 50/50 business strategy, and woo woo manifesting ❤

    The details...
    ....60 minute recorded workshop
    ....lifetime access
    ....4 step workbook to walk you through the steps to manifesting your first few clients

    Cost of the training: 115$

    If you enter your email below, I will send you a coupon to get the course for only 49$, the coupon will last for 3 days! 

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