How to Get Clients Using Your #1 Business Asset: Your Intuition

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Have you ever paid for an expensive course thinking that it would revolutionize your business?

Like you’d be a millionaire…or at least making 6 figures in the next 90 days or whatever.

Then you get into the course feeling really fired up about it!

Put things on your calendar.

Fill up your to-do list.

Start dreaming about how you’re going to spend that money….etc.

Only to then find yourself, two months into it, extremely overwhelmed with the products you have to purchase to make it happen, or the difficult things the course is asking you to do, or your own mind telling you that it’s impossible.

And then you find yourself 6 months down the road, the course half-finished and a couple of serious attempts at “making instagram work” or “booking out your practice.”

Am I saying that online courses are useless?

Well…yes and no…but mostly no.

YES. There are many online courses full of crap out there. But there are some that are really valuable. And I believe that the creators of those courses, make them with their best possible intentions.

I mean it’s probably true! WHatever they’re selling to you, probably worked for them.

Notice how I italicized that word?? tricky right?? haha

That’s because when you buy into someone else’s “steps to success” what you’re doing is drowning your own intuition.

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    ok…back to your regularly scheduled programming…

    How to Listen to Your Intuition for your Business

    For this section let’s look at two example I’ll call them Betsy Dothis, and Nosy Dontdothis to make it pretty clear how to use your intuition in your business.

    Ok…let’s start with Nosy Dontdothis because she’s a bit funner to write aboout:

    Nosy Dontdothis buys an expensive course because she’s been spending the last year in ther business reading a bunch of well-meaning articles that tell her how to “start her own blog” or “make 20,000$ from just one post” and she hasn’t made 20,000$ and she’s starting to kinda think that this is impossible…until she runs into Molly Marketingexpert.

    Molly has a gorgeous website, a six or seven figure income, plus…she just happens to have a course, right now, for sale that will magically fix all of Nosy Dontdothis’s problems in her business.


    So Nosy Dontdothis purchases, using her credit card, or dipping into her savings, and starts the course! She is ecstatic, and she can’t wait to buy her brother a car for christmas, or pay off her parent’s mortgage.

    The course starts strong, asking her to do some easy things…low frustration…but eventually the course asks her to hop onto Facebook and start bothering her friends and family for clients…and eventually to start sending random, unsolicited PMs to people who seem like her “ideal client.”

    Now, Nosy doesn’t feel right doing this…but since Molly Marketingexpert is an expert, she decides it’s just her own fear getting in her way, and that “this is what she has to do to make it work.”

    So she does it.

    It sucks.

    Nobody likes it, and some even send her nasty messages back. So Nosy eventually kinds gives up on the course, not all at once, but maybe the next week she’ll get “sick” and then eventually she hasn’t logged into the course site in over a month, and she’s back to square one…and out a coupld thousand dollars.

    Ok….so you might be wondering…how do I do it then?

    Betsy Dothis, purchases the same course. She logs in day one with the same enthusiasm as Nosy, and starts to work on the stuff in the course.

    When Betsy Dothis arrives at the section about randomly PMing people…a little red flag goes up.

    She realizes that this isn’t fear talking, but a strong “no” from her heart. It doesn’t feel right. So she takes a step back and asks herself, “what is this section trying to get me to do?”

    And the answer comes back to her, “connect with new people, and tell them about your service!”

    Now she knows what she needs to do, and she comes up with a different plan that feels better (even if it’s still a little scary, it’s a good kind of scary :D) and so Betsy Dothis starts creating public posts & tagging people that might be interested instead of breaching their privacy & PMing them.

    She gets a few bites, and eventually books her first client.


    There’s the difference. See? It’s subtle, but powerful.

    Your Journey for Your Business

    Your business is not going to be like anybody elses!

    I’m sorry but it’s just not!

    There is no influencer out there with the exact steps that are gonna get you to make a million dollars….that doesn’t exist.

    What does exist? Lots of teachers who will tell you to do things their way. And it’s OK to learn from those teachers, as long as you are always checking back in with #1, making sure that everything you’re hearing feels right.

    Well that’s it for today folks!

    I hope this was helpful for you…

    Now, are you looking to find out more about how your intuition can get you clients?

    I’m running a free, 5-day challenge that will help you tap into your strongest business asset (your intuition) to start building your business YOUR way <3

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      In the comment section below let us know one thing a guru or coach or teacher told you that didn’t feel right…Mine is below

      Intuition intuitive entrepreneurs how to get clients get clients marketing how to get clients social media entrepreneurs spiritual entrepreneurs empath entrepreneurs attract clients manifest clients getting clients coach coaching business coach blogger bloggers blogging get clients fast tips get clients posts