The 4 Essential Ingredients to an Offer that Sells!

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If you're like I was during the first year of my business....


....then you probably made a hundred offers and none of them sold.

Or maybe you sold like 3...

But it certainly wasn't enough to make a lasting income and even more certainly it wasn't equal to the major amount of time you were dedicating to your online business.

When I finally learned the magic trick for making offers that sold I sold 1000$ worth of packages in about a week. 

The entire previous year I made less than 100$. 

Anyway! I'm here to help you today and tell you the trick that got me to sell offers left and right :).

Well really it's more like a recipe!


1. Creating Introductory Offers


When my clients are creating packages they make these dream packages where the lowest price is like 3000$ or so...that's awesome! But those are much harder to sell, and if you haven't been consistent in how you show up online those packages almost never sell.

People are just unlikely to invest their time and money in something with such a big risk.

To combat that I ask my people to help your pre-clients to build a relationship based on trust with you!

Basically, give them some stepping stones to getting them into 7000$ coaching packages. Those big ticket coaching packages DO sell. But it takes time and a strong relationship.

I'm NOT asking you to compromise the price tag on your hourly rate...just asking you to make a smaller package at the same hourly rate that gives people a little taste of what it's like to work with you!

For example, my first package of 6-weeks worth of sessions was 250$. That package is no longer available, now they cost a bit more but it was a stepping stone to prove to myself that I could sell packages, and to get some people through the door to eventually build bigger higher price tag packages with them!

So to my final point, yes, you can up-sell those people into bigger coaching packages later on!


2. Scarcity is Essential for your Offers


I know I know...I always talk about the law of attraction on here, and it's true live is abundant and this universe will bring you everything you ever need, scarcity is an illusion---

----but it's a necessary illusion when you are selling coaching packages, information products, or really anything!

This doesn't have to be convoluted.

It just has to give people a compelling reason to work with you right now! Otherwise they WILL put it off.

Here are some examples of ways to give people that *gentle* kick in the pants they need:

  • time scarcity - this product is only available for the next three days

  • price increase - this product will go up in price in a few days, early bird pricing etc.

  • limited quantity - I'm only offering 5 of these coaching packages at the moment

Try to put one or more of these scarcity pieces on your next offer and watch the sales notifications ding on your phone!!! (that's so fun BTW)




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    3. Tangible Results Get Clients


    This is probably the most important ingredient of this recipe, because apart from having a compelling scarcity reason to work with you, people need to know that they're going to get results in working with you.

    These can be implicit or explicit results. 

    For example implicit results will be something like this, "this is the transformation that I went through," as simple as that, you're just showing them exactly the results you got, or people you worked with have gotten without telling your pre-clients explicitly that they WILL for sure get this result from working with you. 

    Explicit results are things that you spell out for them "you will have a clean house" or "your child will sleep through the night"

    I know that it is painful and difficult to get tangible results, especially on spiritual products and services, but it is 100% if you only listen to one thing I say today...make it this one.

    Examples of non-tangible results, a big no-no:

    • happiness

    • clarity

    • confidence

    Examples of tangible results, a big yes-yes:

    • lose ten pounds

    • create a daily schedule you'll actually stick to

    • get your first few clients

    It's painful and difficult to come up with an offer that has tangible results also because we don't want to over-sell what we have to of course DON'T LIE, be honest and open about the ACTUAL results you can get people. 


    4. Y-O-U


    In today's world, information products are less and less successful. Whereas there's been a huge rise in 1:1 services! That's because we're moving away from the box-store mentality and more toward the mom and pop of the internet.

    What I mean by that is we trust PEOPLE more than information.

    So PUT your shiny personality behind that product or service by doing live videos, pre-recorded videos, or actually sending personal messages or voice recordings.

    If being on video doesn't come naturally to you, please at least show pictures of yourself, and write out your personal story. These are ESSENTIAL to getting people to trust you enough to invest their time and money with you!


    I hope this post serves you and gets you on track to making an offer that sells really f*ing well! Because you deserve that and it will change your life, help you become location-independent, help you pay your medical bills, and oh yeah that sexy prada bag you've had your eye on!




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