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We live in a world that makes money off of us.


Especially if things go wrong with our health.

Health care is extremely expensive!

There are hundreds of thousands of medicines on the market in the U.S. alone.

Plus hospital and doctor visits.

All to fix our broken health.

But the catch is….our broken health comes from the things that we also buy from big companies.

Like fast food, processed food, television, cars, beauty products, and even household cleaning products.

We live in a capitalist world.

Which means that people gain from our needs.

They are looking out for their profits. But who is looking out for us?

And they can make us need just about anything.

We’re all stuck in a vicious cycle….of buying things that are bad for our health, and then paying a bunch of money to fix our health!

It’s time you took your health into your own hands.

Break free from this cycle.

And start to live your life on your own terms.

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Your Personal Health Plan


It’s hard to change our habits.

If it were easy everyone would do it.

That’s where your personal health plan comes in.

It’s YOUR unique plan to improve YOUR health.

Your mental and physical health!

Make a plan, track your results, and CHANGE YOUR LIFE!


The first step to creating your personal health plan, is to figure out what areas of your life need help.

You probably have a pretty clear idea of what areas of your life you need help with.

But just in case let’s take a look at some major life areas and some signs that they might be a problem area for you.


Physical Health


How is your physical health on a scale of 1 to 10?

Think about this question.

How are your energy levels? Your stress levels? Do you suffer from any diseases? How is your digestion?

Our physical health is directly linked to what we consume.

And by consume I mean many different things.

I mean the things we eat, drink, watch, and put in/on our bodies & homes.

Yes, your shampoo (with all those toxic chemicals) can cause health problems.

The idea is to find out what things are causing your health problems and fix the cause not only treat the symptoms.

For example, you might be getting headaches from dehydration every day.

Now there are two ways of treating this, by treating the symptoms, e.g. taking an aspirin.

Or, by fixing the cause, e.g. drinking water.

This may seem like an obvious example, but as things become more advanced, so do the causes.

Most health problems stem from your diet.

And that is especially true for digestive tract issues.

So diet is definitely something you should look into adding to your 4-week health plan.

Other great ideas include, natural beauty products, and natural cleaning products.

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Diets to Consider:


I truly believe that diet is a root cause of many physical and mental illnesses.

I’ve also done a lot of crash diets.

Which generally don’t work for me. Paleo…Keto…Whole 30…I failed miserably at all of them.

Then I was introduced to the elimination diet.

If you do a quick google search about elimination diets, you will probably find 100 different variations.

They are all useless to you.

See they are cookie cutter. But not everyone has the same sensitivities to food…so it’s pointless to start a new diet, do all of the planning, paying for, and hard work of sticking to…if it’s not going to get you any results.

The best option?

Go to the doctor and get a blood test to check for food and chemical sensitivities.

But that test is rarely covered by insurance, and the cost is generally around $500.

If you have that kind of disposable income, this would be a great investment.

If not, there are some other options.

The best elimination diet I’ve found is “The Plan” by Lyn-Genet Recitas.

This book starts you on a “cleanse” and helps you to introduce new foods, all the while testing for food sensitivities in the form of physical or mental reactions to foods.

It’s the best elimination diet I’ve come across because Lyn-Genet has established a baseline of foods that are almost universally healthy to begin with, and then slowly introduces new foods, in small enough portions as to help you identify triggers.





Remember that beauty products with harsh chemicals can also cause reactions, which can mess up your data.



All part of the 4-week health plan printable:

workout schedule health tracker free printables calendar ideas track 21 days weight loss exercise life fitness healthy meal planner tips workbook new habits self care mindfulness meditation

 Physical Health –

·         Meal planner, grocery list, recipes printable, and school lunch & snack planner.

·         DIY Natural Beauty Product Guide – Build your own repertoire

·         DIY Natural Cleaning Product Guide – Build your own repertoire

·         Hydration Tracker – Not just your average color in a cup…Keep track of what dehydrates, and hydrates you

·         Fitness Tracker, and Goal Setter

·         Physical Health Symptom Tracker

·         Decluttering Meditation and Workbook

workout schedule health tracker free printables calendar ideas track 21 days weight loss exercise life fitness healthy meal planner tips workbook new habits self care mindfulness meditation 2

Mental Health –

·         Mental Health Symptom Tracker (with foods & exercise)

·         Mindfulness & Yoga Tracker

·         After-Therapy Notes – What did you learn? What do you need to remember?

·         New Habits Goal Setting, and Tracker – What makes it difficult for you to incorporate healthy habits into your life?

·         Find Your Unique Self-Care Stye Guide – Learn how to make self-care special for YOU!

  •   Meditations:
    • Discover Your Deep Feelings With Money
    • Discover the deeper meaning of household clutter
    • “The Quieter the Mind, The More You Can Hear”
    • “Let Every Situation Be What it Is, Not What You Think it Should Be”
    • “Feelings are Just Visitors, Let Them Come and Go”
    • “I am a pencil in the hand of God”
    • “By being yourself you put something wonderful into the world that wasn't there before." -Edwin Elliot
    • “I am enough. Who I am is enough. What I do is enough. What I have is enough."

Extras –

·         Calendar to Put Everything Together



Now back to the post….


Mental Health

Your mental health is a huge factor in your physical health, and the health of your soul.

Your mind can cause huge disruptions in your life.

For example, if your mind is constantly tensed, you can cause a tension headache.

If your mind is too preoccupied with making money, you’ll forget about your souls purpose on this earth.

Your mind can also be changed or manipulated easily by your surroundings. Including the things that you eat.

So consider these questions and decide if you want to include it in YOUR 4 week health plan.

How is your mental chatter? Is your mind constantly moving? Thinking about the past and the future?

How grounded and present do you feel on a daily basis?

How is your mental health in general?

Is it easy to get out of bed in the morning, or fall asleep at night?

Learn about how to calm your mind, what tools, exercises, and habits to increase to calm your anxious mind.

Also learn about what things hurt your mental health.


It’s time you took your health back!

And no longer let anyone control your life.


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