The #1 Reason Why Your Are Feeling Stuck in Life


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If you’re anything like me, you’ll find yourself at the end of the day wondering how on earth it’s already 8 o’clock.


And how on earth the sun is already going down.

And ooohhh baby you’ll feel like, how is it possible that I just passed another day of my life, and I feel like I’m nowhere closer to who I TRULY want to be?

Yes I feel like that too.

And for the longest time I was just kinda floating around.

Watching Netflix, eating cereal for dinner.

Enjoying myself I guess…but truthfully in a sort of numb state.

A state where I wasn’t more connected to my soul’s purpose than, “I guess I’ll get a degree in humanities I mean I sorta like art,”




What is a soul purpose? & Do you have one?


As we all move through this journey of getting closer to our soul purposes here on earth, we often get stuck.

Or if you’re like me five years ago…you don’t really even know that you have a soul purpose.

It might sound kinda like spiritual mumbo jumbo that your odd first cousin spouts off about at family reunions.

But it’s more than that.

Your soul purpose is your identity and your unique work on this earth.

Connecting with your soul’s purpose means connecting with your inner truth, and living out the life, that only YOU can live out on this earth.

For a lot of people this means helping others.

For a lot of people this means sharing their unique gifts.

For a lot of people this means giving up limiting beliefs and releasing pain from their pasts!


You are unique.

You were born under a unique set of stars, with unique features, gifts, talents, likes, dislikes, pains, fears, and of course families.

You were also born with a soul that resonates calmer than all of that.

Your soul is the pure thing inside of you.

The sweet silence that is left when you stop thinking, or when you cuddle your cat.

Your soul can never be damaged, not by abuse, or neglect, or a bad break-up.

And your soul has a purpose here in your lifetime.

Have I lost you yet?


Try to think of it this way.

Some people love working with animals. It’s just their favorite place to be, they feel light, connected, and happy when they get to wash pups or cure them when they’re sick.

In this example, their soul is the thing that yearns to help other living beings. To heal the lives of our furry friends while they live out their years.

Their personality is the person who identifies with animals, who likes to look into their eyes, pet them, and generally is good with knowing how to take care of them.


So that’s it.

Soul + Personality = Purpose!


So yeah, as long as you are an alive human reading this you got a purpose baby!



Why we sometimes feel stuck in life:


When we have the sensation of being stuck in life, it’s often because we’ve detoured off of our soul path.

We settle for the job that we don’t REALLY want, because it pays better or it’s an easier commute.

We settle for so-so relationships with our loved ones because we’re so damn tired from working a job we hate.

And THEN we settle for so-so diets because when we get home & spend time with the family, the LAST thing we wanna do is start cooking complicated, healthy meals.


And then all of this becomes a life pattern!

Because we settle.

We settle for less than what we are worth, and less than what we can do.



What causes us to settle?


When we were young-ins growing up in our little corner of the earth, trying to make sense of cookies, and snow, and our kindergarten teacher’s odd hairstyle, we started forming beliefs.

We formed beliefs mostly because of what our parents told us, partly from our teachers, and partly from our friends and peers.

And these beliefs weren’t always exactly true.


I mean take for example your mom telling you not to eat watermelon seeds cause you’ll grow a watermelon inside your stomach. Not true. But she probably said it to protect you as watermelon seeds aren’t great for digestion.


Now that’s kind of a cutesy example. So let’s look at one that might resonate with you a little bit more: Money $$$$$$$. Kaaaa-ching!


Mommy might have been known for saying such happy little refrains as, “no we can’t go out to eat tonight honey we can’t afford that,” or “we can’t go on vacation to Disney world, it’s too expensive,” or well insert your own parent’s refrains here.


All harmless right???????


I mean you’re an adult now, and you’ve grown into your big boy pants so you’re free and clear of mummy and daddy’s views about money.


Well perhaps you have I don’t know…because you’re a stranger on the internet.


But if you’re like most, you’re probably in a financial situation that’s about equal to your parent’s. That’s the American dream!



Can you please stop rambling Simone, and start connecting the dots so I can understand what the h-e-double-hockey sticks you’re talking about please?


Our beliefs growing up, and the beliefs we form in adulthood control our destiny.

So if we’re feeling stuck in life….there’s a connection!

If we aren’t happy in our career, it’s time to look back at our parents, teachers, family members, and the adults in our lives. Were they the type to settle for any career that paid the bills? Did they take brave action towards following their dreams? Did they stay stuck in the I’m-talented-but-way-to-insecure-to-ever-flourish-and-share-my-talents-in-a-real-way camp?

Now take it a step further.

What difficulties did you face in your life?

Were you abused? Did you experience hunger? Were you bullied? Called ugly?

What were the triggers in your life that cause you to have limiting beliefs about yourself and the world around you.


You were, as I said, born with specific talents, gifts, and a unique soul purpose.

If you’re not able to tell me right now that you’re living the life of your dreams, and you’re totally present and rocking it COMPLETELY…then you’ve got work to do.

And not just for yourself or your bank account….

But also for the PUPPIES! I mean think of all those little furry friends sleeping on the street waiting for you to get your act together and build them a shelter.



Are you ready to take responsibility for your soul’s purpose?


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It’s a free training that guides you to begin to take brave action toward realizing your work goals, and leaving the pain and limiting beliefs in the PAST where they belong.

I mean, come it for the puppies!


In the comments below let us know what your soul is calling you to do!