This is the Biggest Mistake You Can Make on Your Healing Journey


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When I first began my healing journey I went to a shrink.


This lady was nice, she had candles, spoke softly, had curly hair.

But I never left her office feeling much better than when I went in.


I always left with the same amount of numbness feeling and hurt as before.

I still wasn’t connecting with anyone or feeling especially happy or free.


So when I finally connected with the woman who would teach me to begin freeing myself, I was overjoyed.

I remember leaving her house that day with a sense of calmness, and almost neutrality that I hadn’t felt in years….or perhaps ever.

It was the most powerful thing I had ever experienced on my healing journey thus far, so needless to say I booked more appointments, and over the following two years I would continue to go.

And continue to leave feeling open and connected to the world again.


But during those two years, I began to make the biggest mistake anyone can make on their healing journey…I trusted someone else to completely guide my healing journey.

As a child who suffered abuse, I was desperate to have someone guide me.

It was consolation really, for my lack of strong adult figures, now in my adulthood I was going to rely on someone to take me step by step.

I was so used to relying completely on myself, that it was kind of a relief to give up my life to someone else’s guidance, I wouldn’t have to worry about it.

She would guide me, I thought, to completely heal myself.

But soon, I would learn, this is kind of impossible, and puts too much pressure on her, and not enough trust in myself.

Keep reading to find out what you should to instead.



Why you shouldn’t completely trust others to heal you fully


Healers come into our lives, because we attract them subconsciously.

We begin to realize somewhere in the back of our minds that we want to heal.

That we love ourselves enough to heal.

So our minds, and the universe start co-creating.

And that’s how we suddenly find ourselves in situations that facilitate our true healing.

That teach us to get to our core, and drop the rest of the bullsh*t.

We meet the healers who’s words will make a difference in our lives, who teach us how to do yoga for trauma, or access our true selves.

And these healers will offer us AMAZING, life-altering, joy-filled moments, that will not only connect us to our true selves but help us to drop the oh-so-heavy loads we’ve been inadvertently carrying around with us.


But there is a limit to what another person can do for you.

They are not with you every day of your life, they can’t help you through every situation, and sometimes our needs evolve.

At first, during our healing process, we might need talk therapy.

But eventually we’ll reach a point where dance therapy really begins to work for us.

And then finally we need someone to train us on how to be present in every moment.

So what’s the common thread?? You are!


Relying on someone else means that you get a little cop out. Plus when you don’t immediately get better you can blame it on the suddenly over-priced therapist, and not yourself!

I know it’s tempting, especially because I’m sure you have a busy schedule.

But nobody in the world is going to know better than you what you need over your healing journey.

That’s why you need to learn first and foremost to ask for guidance from yourself.

Not from the guru down the street, not from the many thousands of self-help books that exist, but from your own heart.


How to ask for divine guidance:


Let’s do a little exercise.

Put your hand on your heart.

Close your eyes, and take three deep breaths.

Then say the following words out loud:

“Thank you higher self for guiding me. I follow my intuition. I want to heal, and my soul and the universe will guide me exactly where I need to go. I trust myself to follow my intuition, and the signs. Thank you,”

Then get serious for yourself about preparing and following through on your healing journey.


This isn’t something you have to map out completely, step-by-step for yourself.

You just need to have an intention, and something to fall back on in hard times.

You need trust your higher self, and the universe to guide you on the EXACT path you need for your recovery.

And you need to learn to surrender to that healing!


Ready to create your own path to complete healing?

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So you can FINALLY heal, and be free.

See you in there!


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