How to Heal Your Energy Using the Four Elements


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In our day and age, we are connected almost constantly to technology.


Either the smart phones, the radio in our car, the television in our living room, the computer at work.


And then it’s a wonder that we feel disconnected to each other.


That we feel alone.




Disconnected from ancient wisdom, from our own bodies, from nature, even from each other.


As energy shifts around on this planet…we are regressing to a former knowledge.


The knowledge of the divine.


For many of us are stepping back into the knowledge that humanity held so long ago.


And we’re bridging the gap so to speak.

Allowing space for computers, and for vegans.

For meditation & yoga, and hospitals.


We have paved roads, and we can now make a living by writing blog posts.


This time in humanity’s evolution allows more and more for us to return to the ancient knowledge that we used to have. To make more room for, and care more for nature. Because we are moving out of the masculine and into the feminine.


Which means reconnecting to our natural roots, and stepping out of the isolation and overwhelm we may have tended towards in the past.


If you’ve been feeling this transition, and you have the DEEP desire to reconnect to mother nature, clear and balance your energy, and you want a fun way to do it, I’ve created this post just for you!!


Balancing and Clearing Your Energy Using the Four Elements


I like to build from the four elements in a specific order, starting with earth, moving next to water, followed by fire, and finally air.


This order is on purpose! Because it also follows the first four chakras in the chakra system!



Earth –


Wow. So much can be said about connecting to the Earth and Earth energy.


Firstly, the root chakra is associated with Earth energy. And the root chakra is also the chakra that all the others build off of. So getting it balanced is very important for creating and maintaining a balanced energy system.


To connect to Earth energy you can do several different types of things:

1.       Go on walks out in nature

2.       Plant plants, trim or maintain or care for plants

3.       Go to a plant or gardening store

4.       Take walks

5.       Go running

6.       Get physical exercise

7.       Touch grass, sand, or dirt with your bare feet

8.       Carry rocks in your pockets

9.       Hug a tree <3 <3 <3

10.   Create a meal from scratch

11.   Lay flat on the ground

12.   Wear crystals associated with Earth energy or the root chakra

13.   Use essential oils associated with Earth energy or the root chakra


Earth energy is all about connectedness, safety, security, grounding, and strength.


Building a powerful Earth energy relationship is important because it is the foundation for the rest of our elemental adventure.


Here's a super inexpensive starter kit of essential oils if you need a starting point! 

next up is water!!!!! my favorite :)


Water –


Water is cleansing not only to the physical body, but to the energy body as well. It is associated with sacral chakra which is all about identity. If your sacral chakra gets out of balance, it may be a sign that your identity relies too heavily on what others think of you and can therefore cause instability.


Water itself is cleansing to the energy of any place, be it as town, a city, your room, or your energy body.


Here are some ways to connect to water Energy:

1.       Get out into the ocean or a stream

2.       Do a water cleansing ritual

3.       Set a bowl of salt water out in your room

4.       Take a bath or a shower

5.       Mindfully wash your hands

6.       Wash the dishes

7.        Dance in the rain

8.       Drink sufficient water

9.       Go swimming

10.   Get into a steam room

I have created the 5-day water healing challenge.

Which is a step-by-step email course to teach you easy-to-do rituals in your own home, with things you have readily available to you.

It’s a free 5-day course,

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Fire –


Fire energy is my mortal enemy (as an Earth sign) so naturally it wasn’t my strongest element.


So I had to really learn how to play with fire and not get burned (hahaha so cliché).


Fire energy is associated with the solar plexus chakra, and is all about will power, personal power, responsibility, setting direction, and having confidence.


Fire is bit more uncontrollable so please exercise caution when using open flames. You are doing any activity mentioned on this blog at your own risk. So be careful.


Things you can do to connect to fire energy and the solar plexus chakra:

1.       Light candles

2.       Light a fire in the fireplace or while camping

3.       Watch YouTube videos of fires in a fireplace

4.       Breathe into your belly, imagining fire in the solar plexus area

5.       Wearing crystals associated with the solar plexus

6.       Using essential oils associated with the solar plexus

7.       Getting out into sunlight

8.       Kundalini Yoga

9.       Getting into a sauna



Air –


The final piece to our puzzle! Air is also a fun one.


Associated with the heart chakra, air is all about lightness and movement. But be ware, you need to have a strong foundation in the lower three chakras to be able to commit to your boundaries.


Ways you can use air energy to balance your system:

1.       Get outside

2.       Open the windows in your house or car

3.       Breathing

4.       Kundalini or Vinyasa yoga

5.       Mindfulness meditation

6.       Lighting incense

7.       Aerobic exercise


Here’s my little prescription for you today if you’ve been feeling…


…annoyed or irritable



…or otherwise out of balance with your body.


1.       Get out into nature, feel trees or dirt, put rocks in your pockets.

2.       Take a shower or a bath, feel the water rolling down your body

3.       Light some candles around you

4.       Do some light breath work


Get reconnected with the ancient wisdom that lives inside of you and allow the four elements to work in your body to naturally heal and balance your energy system.

Thanks so much for taking this time out to learn about how to care for your energy and energy body.

Don’t forget to sign up for the 5-day water healing challenge, where you’ll get step-by-step instructions on simple rituals you can do at home with water, to heal your energy body.


In the comments below let us know, which element is your favorite?? (mine is water!)