Back to School: How to Choose a College Major Using Your Intuition

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You have a purpose on this earth.


Yes, you.

We all do. And they are all unique.

And they are all found deep within our hearts.

Past what our parents say, past what our friends are doing, past what we think we SHOULD study, deep in our hearts…is the answer to our question.

What should I major in?


My Story


I spent the first two years of College with an undeclared major.

Everyone said, “Oh you can just do the general credits, and then choose a major junior year.”

Then junior year came around.

I was kind of interested in psychology, kind of interested in languages…but at that point I had missed out on taking the 101 courses during my first two years.

So I would either have to play catch up and stay an extra semester…or study languages…which was my next best option.

So I chose languages.

I didn’t really have a driving factor for choosing that major.

Except that I was kinda good at learning languages.

Plus, I said to anyone that asked, “Languages always come in handy! No matter what future career I choose.”

They did, but choosing the language major was a pretty dumb choice.

And I can say that now looking back on it.


College is Expensive


I don’t have to tell YOU that….

But I kind of do actually.

I certainly wish someone had told me!

When I entered into college I looked at it as sort of a birthright.

Everyone graduated highschool, then went to college, then got a job.

But my problem is, I wasn’t clear about how that process worked FOR ME.

I saw it working for others…but MY process?

Was really just a guessing game.

I wasted thousand and thousands of dollars.

I know that now…because I have to pay it off.


How to Choose a Major


There are two ways to look at college.

As a business, and as a place to let your talents flourish.

Yes college is a business.

You are investing in YOURSELF.

Every dime that you pay (or borrow!) is a dime that you invest in YOUR future ability to make money with your degree.

I really want you to think about this.

Because college is not a birthright, it’s an investment.

Now…does that mean it’s wrong to invest in an art degree? Because it can’t make you goo money?


I want you to invest in yourself.

This means being honest about what you TRULY want to do.

And being honest about how you’re going to support yourself.

Both of these factors need to go into your decision.



How to Let Your Intuition Guide You When Choosing a Major


Your intuition is a truly powerful thing.

But what exactly is intuition?

And how can we listen to it? At the complete disregard of all other opinions (and there will be A LOT)?

You’re intuition is actually just your soul.

See all of us have these souls.

Your soul is the part of you that doesn’t die when your body does. It is the part of you that is always at peace. And you can access it at any moment.

Apart from the soul, you also have your personality.

Your personality simply put is your body.

You are shaped a certain way, you have certain tendencies, and certain talents.

These are all the outward expression of yourself.

But on the inside is the part of you that has come to this earth for a purpose….the soul.

So the personality expresses the soul on earth.


Let’s look at an example:

An actress has an outgoing personality, loves the spotlight, is quick on her feet, and has a good memory. These are all part of her personality.

But her true purpose, is to help people feel their deep feelings, and feel as if no matter what they’re going through, they are not alone. This is her soul.


See the soul wants to express love, and peace.

And it’s up to the personality to decide how exactly that’s done.


Let’s look at another example:

A writer has a timid personality, he prefers to be alone, he is good with words, he is very detailed. This is his personality.

His true purpose is to show human suffering on paper, to heal people’s pain, and show them that their existence is notived. This is his soul.


I could go on like this for days.

But you get the general idea.

Your soul wants something. Maybe it’s to help, heal, connect, or take care of people.

Your personality has certain traits. No matter how hard you try, you can’t truly change those traits. They’re who you are.


So you need to explore this for yourself.

This book talks ALL about this subject.

And you can watch the author talking about it here!

Or simply meditate, write in your journal, and for goodness sake don’t be afraid!

No matter what you TRULY want to do, you CAN do it.

No matter what.

You can do what your heart truly desires.

So I want you to be SUPER honest with yourself. And not get scared by what your soul and your personality want.


Explore Your Personality, and Your Soul


If you’re not sure right off the bat, what you want to do…you can take some tests:




And Look into meditation as a form of accessing your soul’s purpose.


Or read the Seat of the Soul by Gary Zukav.




Finally at most colleges, you can visit a career counselor free of charge.

I suggest you make an appointment and talk this out with someone.

But beware, SOME career counselors may steer you in the wrong direction.

Be strong about your convictions, and not afraid to be yourself when you meet with the counselor.

And make sure they are guiding you not steering you!

That counselor, your parents, your friends, or teachers may mean well when they give you advice about what to study, but the MOST IMPORTANT opinion is your own. Nobody else has to live with your choices, so make them good ones!



How to Use College to Your Advantage, and Not Get Used by the System


You’ve got to have a clear idea of what you want going into college.

Maybe you’ve decided that you want to be a painter.


But you need to be wise about how you learn the craft, and what you do to support yourself as you build your client base and your income.

So decide if you can take up another job as you work toward your dream.

It is absolutely OK to do this.

For example, you could be an elementary school art teacher.

So you take teaching classes as your major, and art classes as your minor.

Be smart about this decision.

Allow yourself to dream BIG, but be realistic about how you’re going to get there.

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