Fighting Burnout and Overwhelm for Spiritual Entrepreneurs

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One of the most common complaints that I hear from spiritual entrepreneurs is that they are overwhelmed with social media.


In fact hardly a day goes by where I don't read the typical "I need a break from social media" post.

Hey I LOVE the fact that you take breaks when you need to.

In fact I would encourage it!

But I also want to offer you guys some tools to reduce the inevitable stress that us spiritual and empathic types can feel online. 

Because it can be a BIG energy sucker to get online and share your heart and soul...or even just reading the millions of not-so-authentic posts that people put out.

The online world is like the real world but if the real world were like a city in the wild west 200 years ago...there are different rules...made-up rules.

People act differently...and it can be exhausting if you're the healer type...because there's a lot of wild energy! People selling, buying things, hiding behind their computers while they say horrible things....

It's an energy catalyst...and let's just say there's no shortage of strange fear energy out there.

That's why sometimes as sensitive beings it can be a bit overwhelming. 



What you can use to gain perspective and release internet overwhelm while running your online business


1. Essential Oils


Aromatherapy is incredibly helpful for a lot of things...but it's true that in this specific case when you're feeling hopeless about the number of fake people online...or overwhelmed by the many opportunities...aromatherapy can help you get some perspective. 

I truly LOVE this oil that I bought myself not that long's aptly named "perspective." 

Other oils that will help you gain perspective, set healthy boundaries and more are:

  • rose oil

  • lavender

  • frankincense

  • Geranium

  • and Chamomile

These are relaxing oils that will help you to take a step away from the overwhelm that can easily overcome you in the online space!


2. Healthy Time Boundaries & Laying in the Grass 


A great way to make sure that you aren't experiencing overwhelm in your business is to set boundaries around the time you spend working on your business every week. 

I do actually set myself a work schedule for every day...sometimes I get away from this schedule...which is the beauty of working for myself...

I can wake up late if I didn't sleep well...or if I have some errands to run I just change up my schedule...but I do set some boundaries about how I spend my time working.

For instance I NEVER allow myself to hop onto Facebook during my working hours...unless it's to do something on Facebook specifically for my business...and then I hop right back off!

I used to just open my laptop and go straight to Facebook or straight to Gmail. Now I have boundaries around my time...and that is an easy way not to get overwhelmed with social media.

Also, along those same lines...I do all of the planning and writing for my blog as possible outside! I prefer to do the planning while laying in the grass rather than sitting in front of my laptop with Instagram open.

Nature gives you a clearer head...and the more time you spend working on your business in places that AREN'T indoors, the less you'll feel overwhelmed with this online business work. 




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    3. Crystals


    This is my favorite crystal duo for calming my nervous system after a long day of working on the computer.

    Because not only might we pick up on energies and anxieties from the online space....but we also suffer a series of physiological symptoms that have to do with working in front of the computer...eye soreness, back soreness, hunchback, poor circulation.

    Believe it or not, but having a body that's feeling safe, has blood flowing, and is physically healthy really affects how much you can "take" of the online world.

    If your body is already'll have less mental and emotional space to deal with snide comments, fake looking pictures, and overtly salesy conversations when you just wanted to connect with like-minded people.

    This duo of crystals is my favorite for that...

    • Tibetan quartz - is the master healer, it clears trauma from the lower chakras (root, sacral, solar plexus, and heart) and pent up energy or energetic residue are healed in Tibetan quartz's presence.

    • Eudialyte - A healing stone for the central nervous system, powerful also for autoimmune disease and brings balance to systems in the body.

    Your business is your livelihood, so us entrepreneurs need to take special care to make sure that we don't reach burnout, and that we practice self-care for the specific needs that us spiritual entrepreneurs face!


    In the comment section below...have you ever felt drained after spending a day working online for your business? or of being on social media?

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