A Review of In an Unspoken Voice by Peter Levine

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A Review of "In an Unspoken Voice" by Peter Levine


Non-fiction; trauma and therapy.


If you are wondering about trauma and PTSD….


This is the book for you.

This book is the complete guide to trauma, and somatic experiencing.

If you’re wondering what somatic experiencing is….

It’s a technique to allow you to release trauma.

See when we are in a fight or flight situation, and we can do neither…we have a secret third option: freeze.

And when we freeze (such as during rape or sexual abuse) the large amounts of energy summoned for the fight or flight response are stored inside the body.

Which leads to all kinds of problems.

This is the therapy that changed my life.

See I had been to many therapists before, but I was still stuck feeling miserable, lonely, and numb.

Until I met my counselor.

She uses this method, and it was the only method that worked for me!



What you will learn in this book:


-What trauma is.

-What the body does during trauma.

-Immobilization (freezing) and its effect on the body.

-How to release yourself from the frozen state.

-The therapy steps to healing.

-Exercises help with healing.

-Special exercises that use the body to heal trauma.

-Examples of real people going through this therapy.

-How to use your gut instinct in our modern world.

-Spirituality and trauma.

-How to work with your emotions.



What I learned in this book:


-What my traumatic events were (I didn’t know some of them).

-How to safely experience trauma.

-Where my deep insecurities came from.

-How to heal my deep emotional pain.


Final Thoughts


This book is extremely detailed, and well worth the money.

The author, Peter Levine, is one of the world’s leading experts on trauma and his technique “somatic experiencing” is relatively new to the therapy stage.

Somatic experiencing is a technique to help your body “live out” the trauma, in a safe way.

This way you release what’s holding you back…and you can be free!


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books spirituality life changing reading lists thoughts trauma mental health psychology self care mental illness PTSD

Reliving traumatic experiences should not be done alone or without the help of a trained somatic experiencing therapist. So no...you can’t DIY this.

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