30-Day Self-Care Challenge

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Welcome to the 30 self-care challenge!


If you’re like me...self-care doesn’t come easily.


Helping & taking care of others does come easily.


But we reach a point where we no longer have anything to give.


We feel burnt out, overwhelmed, and like we just need to sit in a dark room alone.


Self-care isn’t exactly easy. At least at first. Which is why I developed this 30-day self-care challenge.


To help people like me, get on track with their self-care.


Because the more you have, the more you can give!




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Here is your official list for the 30-day challenge.


Good luck, and remember self-care work is the most important work you can do :).


1. go for a walk alone


2. take a bubble bath


3. meditate for 10 min - my favorite app for meditating is the Calm App. It has a lot of different options, and keeps track of the meditations you complete.


4. write in a journal


5. do an art project


6. apply a face mask


7. do your hair - If you’re like me, you don’t always have time to do your hair in the morning. Take time today to look up an easy, interesting hairstyle that makes you feel beautiful.


8. disconnect for 1 day - this means completely disconnecting from any social media, television, phones, and computers for one whole day. If you can’t stomach a whole day, try a few hours.


9. watch a sad film


10. have a long cry - Crying can be uncomfortable when we’re living through it, but afterward we feel lighter, happier, and freer. To start crying try watching videos of soldiers coming home from war, sad movies, listening to sad songs, or thinking of something sad. Don’t dwell too long on sad memories, just long enough to get some tears flowing and some freedom from the emotional baggage we bottle up!


11. a long walk w/ dog - If you don’t have a dog, take your kids on a walk, if you don’t have kids you can go alone or with a stuffed animal ;).


12. paint your nails


13. life goals list - make a list of your goals in life. When making this list dream big, and open your heart to any possibility.


14. dry brush your body - cleanse dead skin, and dead energy. Get a dry brush here:



15. glass of wine - or your favorite herbal tea


16. bar of chocolate - or your favorite dessert


17. feelings journal - this is a journal that keeps track of your emotions on a daily basis. Throughout the day we can have many, many emotions so I suggest you check-in with yourself a few times during the day, like when you wake up, when you go to sleep, and when you get home from work. Write down what you’re feeling, acknowledge it, and then meditate. Meditation helps pass the tough emotions and keeps you grounded. To learn a REALLY effective meditation for difficult emotions check out “Be Free Where You Are” by Thich Nhat Hanh



18. health tracker - This can be put in your bullet journal, a page you design and write in your journal. Here are 7 Bullet Journal Health Pages I designed.


19. get a massage


20. feel good film - The Notebook anyone?


21. listen to a happy song - smile and dance like nobody is watching


22. look at old pictures


Hey! I’ve got a really cool, freebie. It’s all about helping YOU find your UNIQUE self-care style. Enter your email below and get a free copy of the workbook all about finding out what your self care style is!

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23. go to a cafe alone


24. go to the movies


25. complement poster - this is poster, or piece of art that you design yourself. Writing on the poster 1-5 compliments about yourself. Put it up on your wall, or alternatively write it on your bathroom mirror. Every time you see them, say them out loud.


26. go dancing


27. paint a picture


28. take a photo walk - A photo walk is simply a nature walk where you take photos of things you find to be beautiful


29. meditate for 30 min


30. afternoon nap


31. See how many self-care days you can do in one day!


Find out your unique self care style!

30 day self care challenge self care schedule self care routines self care ideas products activities tips for moms worksheets journal for women

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