How to Get Clients Using Your #1 Business Asset: Your Intuition

How to Get Clients Using Your #1 Business Asset: Your Intuition

Have you ever paid for an expensive course thinking that it would revolutionize your business?

Like you’d be a millionaire…or at least making 6 figures in the next 90 days or whatever.

Then you get into the course feeling really fired up about it!

Put things on your calendar.

Fill up your to-do list.

Start dreaming about how you’re going to spend that money….etc.

Only to then find yourself, two months into it, extremely overwhelmed with the products you have to purchase to make it happen, or the difficult things the course is asking you to do, or your own mind telling you that it’s impossible.

And then you find yourself 6 months down the road, the course half-finished and a couple of serious attempts at “making instagram work” or “booking out your practice.”

Am I saying that online courses are useless?

Well…yes and no…but mostly no.

How to Go from "Nobody Knows Me" to "Selling Like Crazy" for Empath Entrepreneurs

How to Go from "Nobody Knows Me" to "Selling Like Crazy" for Empath Entrepreneurs

In this video I talk about the importance of bluiding the four steps in your client roadmap. Aka, how do your clients find you, connect with you, trust you, and buy from you!

0:00 Introduction - Overview of the four steps, they are ESSENTIAL to booking clients.

4:00 #1 How do your clients find you. And why you NEED consistency in your marketing.

6:39 #2 How do your clients connect with you/get to know you!

11:41 #3 Trust & authority. P.S. this doesn’t necessarily come easily to empaths.

13:20 #4 Making sales, also not easy for empaths!

14:40 Your next steps!

Why Discovering You're an Empath Will Change How You Run Your Online Business

Why Discovering You're an Empath Will Change How You Run Your Online Business

How Discovering You’re an Empath will Change how You Run your Biz

In this video I talk about the 3 bigs changes ALL empath entrepreneurs need to make, to run healthy, wealthy online businesses!

0:47 Introduction - Overview of what being an empath means for online businesses

2:00 #1 Your Intuition & Your Intuition Type

5:34 The Different Types of Intuition in Empaths

7:53 #2 Boundaries! The empath entrepreneurs MUST-HAVE tool.

11:11 #3 Creating Systems for off days

14:15 My puppy joins in on the video!

4 Common Marketing Mistakes & How to Fix Them By Balancing Your Chakras

4 Common Marketing Mistakes & How to Fix Them By Balancing Your Chakras

How Your Chakras Influence your Business

In this video I talk about the 4 most common marketing mistakes I see (and I too have committed) and which imbalanced chakra is the culprit!

0:00 Introduction - Overview of the 4 Mistakes

1:13 #1 Fear of Being Seen

3:52 #2 Fear of Asking for the Sale

7:30 #3 Fear of Being too Salesy

10:24 #4 Second-Guessing Ourselve & Low Motivation

5 Ways Nature Can Spark Creativity

5 Ways Nature Can Spark Creativity

Immersing yourself in nature on a regular basis can be such a rewarding experience.

A natural environment allows you to disconnect from the fast-paced and stressful world we live in. If you’re a writer or an artist, it’s easy to become overwhelmed and experience a lack of creative juices when stressed. Dive in to the natural world and explore 5 ways nature can spark creativity.

How Running an Online Business is Different for Intuitives & Empaths

How Running an Online Business is Different for Intuitives & Empaths

Empath Entrepreneurs have a different set of difficulties that arise when they’re in the online space trying to run successful businesses…Watch the video to find out what the differences are and download the Intuitive’s Guide to Running a Modern Business to find out how to work through these problems!

Rose Quartz - Why, When, and How to Use Rose Quartz Crystals

Rose Quartz - Why, When, and How to Use Rose Quartz Crystals

This post is going to serve as my open love letter to rose quartz...a crystal that I orginally shunned because of it's popularity!'s my absolute favorite crystal ever.

Rose quartz, pictured below, is a light pink form of quartz that you can find in most jewlery shops, crystal shops, and yoga stores. 

Like I mentioned earlier, I kind brushed off rose quartz because it was so popular, and I didn't really see it as a powerful stone...more like just pretty and around a lot of influencer's necks.

Boy was I wrong.

In fact I credit this stone with some of the deepest, and most honest talks between my husband and I. 

Read more about its uses, where to find it, how to wear it, where to put it, and which chakra & zodiac sign it's associated with. 

Birthday Month Giveaway!

Birthday Month Giveaway!

Hey lovelies! Just a quick blog post to tell you all about the last chance you have to win this gorgeous giveaway!

Who is this for?

Anyone who loves crystals, oils, and mindfulness. But a lot of these are geared to work specifically for entrepreneurs!

What’s included?

Each of these amazing-smelling blends comes with a different rollerball crystal that corresponds to each of the chakras! Find out more about what’s in each blend here.

Is Money Spiritual? Is Wanting Money Bad?

Is Money Spiritual? Is Wanting Money Bad?


When we were born onto this earth, and our souls took the form of a human body for the next 60-100 years, we also took on the responsibility of caring for our physical bodies. Because if we don’t we can’t survive.

We also, when we came into corporeal form took on the laws of our universe and one of the laws is the Law of Gender (or the Law of Polarity also works) and therefore each of us has both masculine and feminine energy in us.

We have the survival instinct…so yeah we gotta survive!

But on a larger scale, we were meant to live abundant lives. Our natural state is a state of abundance, where we’re thriving and giving and able to share our spirituality and our gifts & talents.

I mean let’s look at it through the lense of self-care which has a similar function.

I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase “put your own oxygen mask on before helping others,” why is this necessary? Because if you don’t you die!

Same thing with self-care, if you don’t take care of yourself you get burnt-out, crabby, helpless, and hopeless.

And hey! Same things with money! If you are constantly worried about how you’re going to pay for your next meal…then you won’t be able to show up and serve.

Money has a million functions in our lives..and those don’t necessarily have anything to do with being greedy or selfish, things like paying our bills, paying for healthcare, pet care etc.

And even things that could be considered slightly more “greedy” like getting a massage, or hiring someone to clean the house, or taking a vacation all have spiritual purposes. Self-care anyone?!?

Money is love.

How to Start an Essential Oil Collection

How to Start an Essential Oil Collection

You might have heard of these things called essential oils…

...and you might have even heard of the benefits they can bring you!

But...if you're like me just a year ago you're probably wondering where in the hell to start!

Because it can be a little bit overwhelming to see all the essential oil options out what is therapeutic grade, how important is organic, and which of the hundreds of essential oils should I actually invest in.

Chakras. Essential Oils. This was like a foreign language to me just a few years ago...but since I began seriously developing my spiritual practice...i.e. healing my energy and power centers, I've dove head first into the world of aromatherapy.

I mean like logically I pretty much thought that essential oils just smelled good. But they can do a lot more than my favorite essential oil blend "perspective" it can make you cry just by opening it up for the first time and smelling it.

Because aromatherapy can actually change the chemicals in our brains, they can teach us to release pain, actually release seratonin, or at least just a smile. 

So that's why I'm here help you learn about essential oils.

Well I'm hoping to help you get some clarity today with a very basic explanation of the few things you'll need to keep in mind when you're purchasing essential oils, some of their uses, and which essential oils would be good for a beginner. 

Don't worry tho we're gonna take this one step at a time!! <3 

Attract Money into Your Life Using Crystals, Oils, and Chakras

Attract Money into Your Life Using Crystals, Oils, and Chakras

There are many, many ways of attracting money into your life...and crystals are just one of them!

Crystals work either to attract money or to balance the energy that is responsible for attracting money.

For example some crystals are luck and money attracting, and others will balance the heart chakra...the chakra responsible for attracting wealth and money. 

Also! Essential oils can help you build and attract wealth, so we'll talk about that next. 

Finally we'll talk about the lower chakras and how each of them have their own relationship with wealth and money!

9 Simple ways to be Happier

9 Simple ways to be Happier

Happiness ruts happen. We’ve all been there… One moment everything feels fine and the next you’re wallowing in a pit of despair. For example, you’re all caught up at work and your boss surprises you with a massive project. Goodbye evening yoga, hello long nights at the office. Try not to stress! Even if nothing is fundamentally wrong, humans are still prone to struggle mentally sometimes. Unfortunately, these lulls also have the potential to negatively impact creative work.

Fighting Burnout and Overwhelm for Spiritual Entrepreneurs

Fighting Burnout and Overwhelm for Spiritual Entrepreneurs

One of the most common complaints that I hear from spiritual entrepreneurs is that they are overwhelmed with social media.

In fact hardly a day goes by where I don't read the typical "I need a break from social media" post.

Hey I LOVE the fact that you take breaks when you need to.

In fact I would encourage it!

But I also want to offer you guys some tools to reduce the inevitable stress that us spiritual and empathic types can feel online. 

Because it can be a BIG energy sucker to get online and share your heart and soul...or even just reading the millions of not-so-authentic posts that people put out.

The online world is like the real world but if the real world were like a city in the wild west 200 years ago...there are different rules...made-up rules.

People act differently...and it can be exhausting if you're the healer type...because there's a lot of wild energy! People selling, buying things, hiding behind their computers while they say horrible things....

It's an energy catalyst...and let's just say there's no shortage of strange fear energy out there.

That's why sometimes as sensitive beings it can be a bit overwhelming. 

Why Perspective is Necessary for Entrepreneurs, and How to Find it

Why Perspective is Necessary for Entrepreneurs, and How to Find it

I woke up from my daily nap today....

<3 love you Spain....

...and I had this overwhelming feeling of failure.

You see just two days ago, I embarked on a new stage in my blog. 

One where I show up and get REALLY visible for 100 days.

It's part of my plan to boost up my income, and it is A LOT of work. I've set myself some really big challenges. It's had been going really well, for the past two days anyway, and today idk why but it just caught up with me. 

Then I had the realization that I'm only 3 days into a 100 day plan...and that oh yeah! It's OK not to be seeing any results yet.

So that hit me, and then I was able to fall back on my old sense of perspective. 

See I tend to get a little teensey bit dramatic...and that's because I'm such a detail oriented person that sometimes I miss the big picture.

See and being good with details is a gift! But it's easy for us detail-minded people to get lost in the fact that only two days have passed and my new blog plan isn't immediately making me any money. Lol...

Finding Your Life Purpose With Aquamarine (Clearing the Throat Chakra)

Finding Your Life Purpose With Aquamarine (Clearing the Throat Chakra)

To say that my aquamarine stone is single-handedly responsible for the creation and success of my blog is not an exaggeration. 

I first got my aquamarine stone about a year and a half ago, coincidentally around the same time that my blog started.

My counselor gave it to me and my husband as a spur-of-the-moment going away present. 

It was spontaneous that she gave it to me, and upon assessing the value of a stone that large I was truly shocked! 

But the aquamarine was essential to my spiritual development...because it triggers the balancing of the throat chakra.

The 4 Essential Ingredients to an Offer that Sells!

The 4 Essential Ingredients to an Offer that Sells!

IF you’re like me at the beginning of your business…...then you probably made a hundred offers and none of them sold.

Or maybe you sold like 3...

But it certainly wasn't enough to make a lasting income and even more certainly it wasn't equal to the major amount of time you were dedicating to your online business.

When I finally learned the magic trick for making offers that sold I sold 1000$ worth of packages in about a week. 

The entire previous year I made less than 100$. 

Anyway! I'm here to help you today and tell you the trick that got me to sell offers left and right :).

Well really it's more like a recipe!

Essential Oils for the Chakras

Essential Oils for the Chakras

Why Essential Oils? Why Chakras?

Learning to access and balance the chakras changed the way I related to my body.

Suddenly I understood a lot more about how my energy flowed, and how to access my power.

It helped me to open up, to heal pain and trauma that had existed in my body for decades, and taught me to say what I need to say, to have strength, integrity, and to connect to the earth.

The chakra system is just a framework within which we get to explore how energy moves through our bodies. Truthfully there are more than just the seven commonly shown chakras...but for today were going to focus on those chakras that run up and down the body's energy channel/the spine.

I'll talk very briefly about what each chakra does, what it feels like when it's out of balance, and some essential oils that can help you return that chakra to balance once again. 

Also I'm so excited to share what I got in the mail today!! My chakra rollers from Rocky Mountain Oils <3. They are amazing. 

How to Get Your First Paying Client for Spiritual Entrepreneurs

How to Get Your First Paying Client for Spiritual Entrepreneurs

Not Making Any Money in My Business

During the first year of my business I probably spent over 1000 hours working....with almost NOTHING to show for it. I was honestly at the giving up point.

I was thinking maybe it's just not possible for me...maybe I'm not doing it right...etc. 

And then BOOM* something happened that would change the course of this blog and of my confidence in my ability to support myself...and oh yeah the infinite nature of our universe and it's constantly supply of mon-ay!!!!

4 Lessons from Water for Your Online Business

Untitled design (2).png

As I’m sitting here writing this post it’s raining outside.


I absolutely LOVE the rain.

So if you’re reading this I’m sending you a little of bit of that rain clearing energy, breathe that in for a second. It’s like the smell of a forest when it rains.


Now to the matter at hand!

Which is 5 lessons that water can teach us about our online businesses.


Water is the powerful energy healer.

The clearer and balancer of energy, the clearing and life-giving energy of the human body, and the life-force for basically all of life on planet earth.

So we really can’t underestimate the power of water.

And as I’m sitting here in the rain, I couldn’t help but be filled with that life-giving, clearing energy…and how IMPORTANT this energy is for our online businesses…

Why??? You might be thinking….well truthfully our online businesses are a reflection of our inward world. So if you want an online business that flows, and is direct and clear in it’s marketing and messaging…then these lessons might be for you!!



1.       Create flow.

Just like water in a river-bed, you need to create a clear client flow for your online business. Always lead them to the next step in your onboarding process. Whether that be joining your group, liking your page, getting on your email list, create an uninterrupted stream in their relationship with you, like a river. This ensures that the people who love and need to hear your message always know what the next step in their relationship with you is, and they flow to you with ease!

Practically speaking this looks like always including a link on all of your posts or emails.





It’s a FREE guide to discovering how running an online business is different for empaths & intuitives & why you NEED to use your intuition to run your biz.

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    2.       Clarity is key.

    Just like the water, you need to be super clear with the messaging in your business. If people don’t understand clearly what you do by reading your title, then they are unlikely to connect with it. Be as clear as the ocean in the Caribbean. In other words be crystal clear when you’re naming things, creating your message, elevator pitch, or sales copy for your online business!



    3.       Cleansing your energy creates clarity.

    Water, and especially salt water. Can immediately clear and heal your energy. When our energy is overrun by the input we receive online, our creations will not be from our own hearts. They will be Frankenstein’s monsters of our own hearts and messages, and the messages of others. To create clarity on what you want to offer in your business, you need to first cleanse your energy and open the space in your life for creation to flow out through you.



    4.       Be playful.

    Since water is associated with the sacral chakra, and since water has a super light, playful energy to it, I wanted to add this little piece. The universe loves playful energy, and honestly it also feels really good. Getting in that creative playful space is when we allow things to flow into our lives, and we can also get really good at creating things of value.

    In one of my past lives, I was a fish. Part of a big school of fish, and we raced through the water every day, and that thrill of floating, and feeling free in the water is so amazing.

    So when I access water energy in my business, I access this free, playful, and creative part of me.

    It is in this space that we manifest our desires, and access our childlike creativity to create truly unique and honest products, copy, and connection in our businesses.

    5 Lessons from Trees for Your Online Business

    5 Lessons from Trees for Your Online Business

    I have a favorite tree.

    Which I hug every day.

    Much to the embarrassment of my fiancé while were out walking the dog.

    But I don’t care, because it took me a long time to be able to hug trees openly in public. I mean the word tree-hugger is practically a cussword.

    But trees and their connection to divine nature, can offer us unique meditations on what it means to build a strong online business.

    So here they are the 5 lessons from trees for your online business.

    1.       Stay still – Staying still, or staying connected to your clear message is one of the hardest parts of running an online business.