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Prepare for Baby

Printable Package

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*product released on 3-25-2019


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*product released on 3-25-2019


Over 25 Printables Including:

  • Decluttering, Organizing, & Cleaning the House

  • Preparing Your Finances

  • Hospital Preparation List

  • Preparing Baby's Nursery

  • Baby Gear Checklists

  • How to Prepare Your Family & Friends

  • How to Prepare with Your Partner

  • & a lot more!! (more details below)

#1 The Complete Prepare for Baby Checklist

  • 1 Giant checklist that includes everything you need to do to prepare for baby:

    • Prepare with your partner

    • Prepare older children

    • Preparing your home for baby

    • Preparing the nursery

    • What baby gear you’ll need

    • Preparing older children & dogs

    • Get mommy ready

    • Mommy’s hospital gear

    • Postpartum gear

    • Preparing for babt

    • Labor, delivery, & hospital

    • & Financial prep for baby

Partner's Labor & Delivery Plan.png

#2 Preparing with your partner

Partner's Labor & Delivery Plan (1).png
  • Partner’s Birth & Labor Plan (your’s is coming in a bit) >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

    • What are your partner’s duties, expectations, and desires for the birth & labor.

    • How daddy can best help mommy when she’s feeling: pain, fear, or stress!

  • Plan for baby-related chores

    • create a game plan with your partner for the baby-related chores that are coming up!

  • Baby’s Social Media Plan

    • prompts to help you and your partner dicuss how & when to share images of your child on social media.

  • Parenting Choices Plan

    • prompts to help you and your partner discuss important parenting decisions like: religion, co-sleeping, breastfeeding, work schedules, childcare, vaccines, circumcision, & more.

  • Family Baby Rules Printable & Script

    • Exactly what you can say to your loved-ones to help them understand your rules with your baby in a respectful & loving way.

    • A friendly little reminder to visitors about rules concerning the baby.




#3 Preparing the House

  • Deep Clean the House Checklist

    • A room-by-room checklist to deep clean your house, get the nooks & crannies before baby arrives.

  • Nursery Essentials Checklist

    • Just the essentials of what you need in your nursery.

  • Changing Table Essentials Checklist

    • Get your changing table ready with these essential items!

  • Baby Registry Checklist

    • Just the essentials of what you need on your baby registry!

  • Baby First Aid Kit Guide

    • How to prepare a first aid kit for your little one! So at 2a.m. you have everything ready for a screaming, teething baby!

  • Baby-Proofing Newborn Checklist

    • Just the bare minimum of stuff you’ll need to baby-proof for your newborn. Not toddler baby-proofing yet.

#4 Animals

  • Dog Training Checklist

    • Some annoying or potentially dangerous behaviours you’ll want to curb before baby arrive + the exact videos I used to train my pups for baby’s arrival.

#5 All About Mommy

  • New Mommy Skills Checklist

    • A list of some skills you should practice before baby arrives + resources to find more information about them.

  • Pack the Hospital Bag

    • The essential checklist of what you need in your hospital bag (a compliation of over 20 women’s hospital bags + experienced mom tips)

  • Postpartum Basket Checklist

    • Prepare yourself a little basket to put in your bathroom.

  • Postpartum Gear Checklist

    • The gear you’ll need to make the postpartum (4th trimester) stage go much more smoothly.

  • Pack the Diaper Bag

    • The essentials you should pack in baby’s going home bag.

  • Birth Plan

    • The guide to creating a birth plan for mommy. A checlist, and lots of amazing resources.

  • Prepare the Car Checklist

    • Final checks & preparations for the car you’ll use to go to the hospital & home with baby.

  • Family Jobs Guide

    • Give your family something to do so they feel valued & you’ll always have an answer to the “Do you need anything?” question.

  • Hospital Tour Guide

    • The checklist of the final questions, checks, & preparations you’ll need on your last visit to the hospital before the birth.

#6 Finances

  • Financial Prep Checklist

    • Some important financial tasks you’ll need to complete before or shortly after baby is here.

  • Baby Budget Checklist

    • How to budget for baby, the complete guide to budgeting for baby.


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*product released on 3-25-2019