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Each day we meet a new spiritual healer who will walk us through their favorite way to heal past pain, and how to connect with our authentic selves. 


Welcome to the interview series, the schedule is as follows:


  • April 28th - Belkis Clarke - Rising From Abuse and Attempted Suicide to Success


  • April 29th - Erin Newman - Be Your Own Shaman: A Shamanic Approach to Claiming Your Value


  • April 30th - Jude Baderle - Embracing All Parts of Yourself So You Can Move Forward Towards Health & Wellbeing


  • May 1st - Orit Krug - Dance to Let Go, Experience Pleasure and Develop a Deep Sense of Trust With Yourself


  • May 2nd - Robin Scott - from Diary of an Empath - Calling in the Masculine


  • May 3rd - Rebecca Tinkle - What it Really Take to Make Your Dream into Your Reality


  • May 4th - Nicole Tricarico - Birth Story Medicine and Why We Need It


  • May 5th - Theresa Soltzberg - Empower Your Purpose from the Inside Out

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Belkis Clarke-Mitcham is a motivational speaker and spiritual life coach who helps women over 25 who have lived through trauma to identify their prisons, break free, and unleash their unique light. A survivor of sexual abuse,


Belkis has risen from a place of attempted suicide to success. In more than a decade she has helped many individuals.

Belkis holds a bachelor's in English and a minor in Communication and an M. A. in Human Communication. Belkis worked as a journalist for over twelve years and has taught at every level from pre-school to university. Covering mostly human interest stories and spending one-quarter of class time motivating students, Belkis recognized what her life’s calling was--coaching. She made the switch to her life’s purpose doing what she was most passionate about.

Her writing has been featured on the international Red Cross website, local media in the Dutch Antilles, and has been on several podcasts such as She's Making an Impact, The Pitchtank, and The Authentic Courage series, among others. She is co-author of the anthology Tying the Knot Between Ministry and the Marketplace Volume 2. The ultimate Caribbean girl, Belkis recently moved to Texas with her husband and daughter. Her website is


Erin is a spiritual business coach and Shamanic Practitioner. She helps women entrepreneurs to move through blocks and fears, and discover their authentic courage in order to claim their value and create abundance in their lives and businesses. 


Jude has been teaching and reaping the benefits of meditation for decades. She is a somatic psychotherapist and this informs her work with women, whether it is 1:1 sessions, groups or circles.


Presently she is passionate about helping women to welcome and integrate all parts of themselves so they can experience powerful shifts, and live and take action in the world from a very grounded and  centred sense of self.


Orit Krug is a Board-Certified Dance/Movement Therapist and Licensed Creative Arts Therapist. She has extensive clinical experience with a range of populations including trauma survivors, hospitalized patients in crisis, children with severe emotional disturbances, autism spectrum

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disorders, and adults and adolescents with a variety of DSM-V diagnoses. Orit mentors graduate students and creative arts therapists to enhance their therapeutic skills and prevent burnout. In an effort to continue advocating about the importance of incorporating body knowledge and movement exploration into psychotherapy, Orit launched a podcast in April 2017, called “Mind Your Body: A Dance/Movement Therapy Perspective." Orit also started her business in February 2018, supporting busy entrepreneurs to get past mindset blocks through enjoyable, liberating dance/movement techniques.


Robin is an advocate for Empaths and their unique set of energetic and emotional needs.



She serves Empaths worldwide in recognizing their Intuitive gifts and stepping into their calling. Prior to her work with, she worked as a social worker in formal mental health care.

She lives in eastern Canada and currently mentors Empaths 1:1 and offers Empath-specific self-study programming. 


We all have our story. And we all have parts of our history that still hurt us or hold us back. But we also have


something else… we have the unique and innate greatness of our original human spirit. This is the place that exists beneath the static of daily life, below our array of self (and world) defining thought, below the personality, below past experiences… it is a goldmine of genius, creative power, independence and ultimate self love that can usually be found at the exact place where your unique characteristics and “so-called flaws” exist. This is the valley of our human existence that most men fear to tread… and, ironically, it’s the place where the elevator to the proverbial mountaintop of human consciousness exists.

Everything that I do… books I write, workshops, lectures, videos, meditations, blogs, private sessions… they all point to one pivotal decision every human must make: Climb the mountain or take the elevator.


Nicole is a Naturopath with over 21 years experience in women's health, fertility and children's health. She has been a childbirth educator for 12 years and a Birth Story Healer for over 5 years. She is also training to be a Birthing From Within and Birth Story Listening Trainer for Australia and New Zealand, and writes on birth topics.


Nicole loves offering honest, compassionate, heart centered birth and parenting preparation through Birthing From Within. Through her own experience of birth trauma and being a childbirth educator, she came to see how various factors including the kind of preparation couples do can effect their likelihood of trauma. She is always blown away by the Birth Story Healing process and how quickly most people can feel such relief and re-frame a difficult, upsetting or traumatic birth experience.


Theresa is an ICF certified coach with over 20 years' experience designing, coaching and facilitating learning and growth. She has an endless fascination and passion for helping people know themselves, imagine an amazing future and build a life connected to their passion, power and purpose.  


Her approach combines a focus on mind, heart and body, knowing oneself in a real and whole way, and approaching one's life with a design perspective. She is certified and experienced in a variety of approaches including chakra and Reiki energy work, internal parts work and Jungian psychology, Vipassana/Mindfulness meditation and Hakomi Somatic work, and approaching life as a personal story ready to be claimed and rewritten. She is in the process of becoming a certified Marriage, Family Therapist and available for coaching, facilitation and speaking engagements.