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spiritual healing & Awakening

When you still need to heal your pain.


higher self training


When you're ready to become your authentic self.


Life-Purpose Coaching


Find out what your life purpose is, and together we'll outline the exact steps you'll take to get there.



Spiritual Business Coaching

Follow the exact strategies you need to make your business a success. Using energy techniques and spiritual healing.



Spiritual Healing & Awakening

It's time to clear out your pain, and awaken the power you have within you to make, do and be anything you want.

You only have this one life.

Heal yourself. Free yourself.


Are you in pain?

I feel you.

I was there once...feeling shame, overwhelm, anger, boredom with my life, and most of all an intense desire to run away from it all.

And I did run away. For a long time. To Chile, to France, to Spain.

But this funny thing kept happening...wherever I would go...there I was!

It took me several years but I figured out that I can't outrun my pain.


From that moment on I learned to get REALLY strong, REALLY loud, REALLY power-centered, and REALLY honest about what I wanted out of my life. And lo and behold this came out of a voice deep within me. I wanted to heal and be healed.


So during these session we will use energy techniques to lift you out of sadness, depression, anger, shame, and overwhelm...to create a life of power, energy, authenticity.

Together we'll clear out the shadows that are living in your subconscious and in your energy body, and clear the path for you to become the absolute best version of yourself. 



We use the following energy techniques and practices to lift the pain, and the shadows out of your body and bring them to the light:

...snapping techniques



...sound vibrations

...self-care practices

...law of attraction practices



Let me guide you step-by-step down your healing journey.


DISCOUNTED PRICE:  $59 (normally 243$)


Higher self coaching

Allow source energy to talk to you through you.

Connect with your higher self.

It will guide you through every thought, feeling, and decision in life. 


What is your soul's purpose?

Do you know exactly what it is?

Are you already on this path?

Perhaps you're already on the perfect path in life. Perhaps there's a part of you, however buried down, that is shouting that you're not exactly on the perfect path in life. 

It's easy to get distracted. 

To worry about what others are doing, what they want you to be doing. 

But clarity and decision are not far.

In fact they can be found right in your higher self. Who is with you at all times and in all situations. 

Allow your higher self to speak through you and guide you to follow your exact path while getting strong about the "NO!" paths and the "wrong" paths.



We use the following energy techniques and practices:

...snapping techniques



...sound vibrations

...self-care practices

...law of attraction practices



Let me guide you step-by-step to reach your higher self.

Then from there your higher self becomes the guide.


DISCOUNTED PRICE:  $59 (normally 243$)



What is the refund policy?

All sessions have a 24-hour cancellation policy. If you wish to cancel a session, it must be done no later than 24 hours before the meeting time. Unless you can prove an emergency. 


Why don't the recordings always work?

The recordings are done over ZOOM, sometimes we have internet issues :) especially since we are working with high energy healings, the internet sometimes cuts out. 


What if I don't like the sessions?

I encourage you to book a free 20-minute call to find out if you like my style of working and guidance. We do not offer refunds on completed sessions, unless in case of interruptions. If you have booked more than one session and wish to cancel further sessions you will be refunded your money!


Is this therapy?

Nope! Energy work is not therapy, and is not governed by the same rules, regulations, and governing bodies.


Is this a psychic reading?

No I do not do prophecies, readings, or future tellings. I just connect to your energy and help you to find and clear out the blocks, shadows, and imbalances.