1,000 Marketing strategies


making money online was supposed to be easy…

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…you know you’re amazing at the work you do, but feel like you’re constantly losing out on sales because nobody knows about you (aka you don’t have a clear marketing plan)

…and you’ve trapped yourself in your own fear...stopping your own progress for fear of sounding fake, or being too pushy, or even what others will think of you.

Plus! When it comes to marketing, you’ve always felt like you’re “doing it wrong” because nobody seems to know who you are, & nobody’s buying your offers. So…you hop around guzzling free content on marketing, but nothing has ever felt quite right nor brought you the clients you need to finally take your business full time

Girl…you’re stuck in your head…

…and it’s getting in the way so much, that you jump around trying different strategies hoping something will stick…you go all-in one day, only to find yourself totally drained & overwhelmed the next day and unable to drum up the motivation to work


all you really want…

Is to know exactly what to do every time you sit down to your computer so that you don’t keep second-guessing yourself & hiding out watching YouTube videos of cute dogs!

You want to effortlessly AND authentically market your business, so that you make genuine connections & book your soulmate clients…

+ find & eliminate the places where sales might be slipping through your fingers so that you can book out your practice (happy dance)!

I get it! Being sensitive means you just can’t even use icky sales techniques…So let’s sell your products & services in a non-icky way. I know you want to learn to trust your intuition for guidance so that you can build an easy, feel-good marketing plan that doesn’t go against your true nature. 

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